Monday, October 15, 2007

A Dinger Blog?

Who knew that there would ever be such a thing called a Dinger Blog? But there is! And here it is! We are not too technologically advanced, but we hope this will keep all of our friends and family up to date with the Dinger gossip. We will try and update you with the latest news every month because we know our lives are so intriguing that you will not be able to survive too long without this knowledge.

Jason graduated in August with his BS in Marriage, Family and Human Development from BYU. Just when he thought that school was finished, he decided to go back and become a Social Worker. He is at BYU again getting a Master's in Social Work. Although he complains there is a lot of reading, he is enjoying the program very much! He is also working for Applegate Hospice as a volunteer coordinator and assisting a couple of professors on a research project that is focusing on--get this!--grieving parents whose children have died. He either has an obvious obsession with grief, death, and dying or he is being guided by Heavenly Father in many ways. It could be both--who knows?
Kendra is still teaching autistic children--this year she has 12 first graders! Is she a masochist, a crazed lunatic? That's what everyone tells her. Though, oddly enough, they usually follow that up with words like "angel" or "miracle worker". Once again, maybe it's a little of both.
When she is not with her students she is enjoying the company of literary wonders. She is on a Jane Austen kick right now. She will add a book list for those who share her taste and passion for books of her liking.
Cami is our 9-month-old kitten. Though you may not be able to see it in her pictures, she is mischievious beyond belief! Her nickname is "Camikaze" because she will willfully thrust herself into a back flip and attack your legs as you walk past her in the hall. She is the best cat in the world!

Well that's our update for now. If anyone has any questions for us, just drop a line. Otherwise, please stay tuned for more updates after the break.


Jessica said...

Cute blog! How ironic, I started one up last week...although there isn't much there, just three videos of Charlotte but I'll get better at it as time goes on...if you're interested, here's ours: Thanks for telling us about your blog! Jess, Wade and Charlotte

Emily said...

Ooohh welcome to the world of bloggers! (sounds like a new dance craze appropriate to this Halloweeny time) We're at

Thanks for keeping us on your lists of people to update. It allows us to continue to think of you and adore the people you are. You amaze us.

Andrea said...

EH! Cool! I am glad you sent me the link. I hope everything is ok with you guys. I don't know when I'll be back in Utah. I guess for Jake graduation for sure and this time we have to make him walk!!!