Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer reading list

Hi all! Some of my friends have asked to see my summer reading list. This summer I will be reading a whole bunch of books that I own but I haven't read yet...I will stop all reading for Breaking Dawn (of the Twilight series). Those books are like cocaine! I am also glad to put this list online because it has been eaten by my cat! Now I will always have a copy... if you want authors, just send me a note! I will let you know if I like them!
1. Rosetti Letters DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!!!! I got to page 60 and that is when I realized that cortesean does not mean a member of the royal court, but a nice way to say prostitute! YIKES!!!!
2. Ender's Game
3. People of the Book
4. Ella Enchanted
5. The Wanderer

6. Penny From Heaven
7. Those Who Save
8. Milkweed
9. River Secrets
10. Moloka'i
11. Inkheart
12. Inkspell
13. For One More Day
14. Lightning Thief (this is a series...if I like it I will read the series)
15. With Their Backs to the World: A portrait of Serbia
16. Leven Thumps (the series)
17. Snow falling on Cedars

1 comment:

Ryan said...

The lists as promised, nice.
Unfortunately, I've only read Ender's Game on this list. How was The Good Earth? I own it but haven't got to it yet.