Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dinger Family Weekend

Wow! What a weekend! It actually all started on Wednesday night and we got back late Sunday night. Wednesday night we went up to Hooper. We love visiting Grandma and Grandpa! Thursday morning Marie flew in for our shin dig! That day we just hung out and then we went to see the movie Mama Mia. I loved it, but Jason wished those two hours could be erased from his memory! It was Tori's third movie. She is so cultured! Friday morning Michelle (Jason's half sister) and our niece Briana, and nephew Lance came in from Ohio. They are getting so big! Man time flies! Briana is going to be a senior this year and Lance just turned 15! We had a bonfire and BBQ. Tori got up close and personal with the fire, and I got 6 mosquito bites with deet on!!! The next day we went on Frontrunner the new commuter train to Salt Lake. We went downtown and had lunch at the Lion House! Yummy! Love those rolls. Sunday we hung out with the family and took lots of pictures, but I didn't get one with Aunt Michelle and Tori!!! Yikes, what was I thinking? All in all it was fabulous! Enjoy the slide show!

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Wray Family said...

I love all the pictures! Looks like it was a fun weekend! =) I agree time flies, Briana and Lance are all grown up...