Sunday, August 3, 2008

How to keep busy while fasting!

Well, since I don't fast while I am breastfeeding, I just decided to fast from something that I really like. So I am fasting from reading Breaking Dawn! So I have to keep myself busy or I'll break my fast! Food is so much easier! I tried to convince Jason that I could just fast from breakfast and I would still be fine so that I could read the book today, but no such luck! So instead I will tell you about all the books that I have read on my list so far while downloading the Primary Children's Songbook on to Itunes. Have fun with it!


Rick, Sarah and Jacob 3 & 1/2 said...

Kendin, I jsut finished the book!! I loved it. I seriously freaked out about the plot (nothing I was expecting) and I loved the end! Let me know when you finish it. I want your opinion!-Sarah

Yettismommy said...

hey all!! i just stumbled on your blog and thought that i'd say 'ello! :D it was great to see you a few sundays ago, good times. ~Lisa.

Cassidy said...

KBIRCH...I mean Dinger!
Tori is so stinkin cute I can't stand it. I just started one of these crazy blogs and you will have to check it out! I love your blog, but the CAT? What are you thinking? I just yacked! JK! I miss you tons and remember Layton is close to Hooper...lets hang out!