Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a week...I hate being prego in the 100* heat! if you didn't know, our air conditioner is not working at top notch. We need to get a new one, but considering the circumstances that is on hold. It is currently 81* in our house at this instant (at least it is still cooler than outside which hit a high of 106*) and I am slowly melting away. I feel like a slug because all I want to do is sit and sleep. Dinner tonight consisted of rice chex and milk because I didn't want to even be near the stove or the oven (although last night I did make a killer french bread pizza).

Tori enjoying some Elmo with all of her friends while Jason and I finish our unpacking our room!

As for Jason, I am enjoying him being at home (it is kinda like vacation with a little job searching and a lot of house organizing) because we have now emptied every box in our house. (I am admitting that there are still a few boxes out in our garage, which are mostly books without a shelf that I brought home from my parent's house.) Jason has interviewed at a few places and we are waiting to hear answers from two places on Monday. One is a full time job and the other is a part time job. So hopefully on Monday he will either have both jobs or one or the other. If not, we will still keep looking for the job that has been prepared for him. Well, enough about Jason and me...I know you all really want to hear about Tori.

Tori getting ready to climb up on the fireplace to read.

I love her piggies!
Well...Tori is still mastering the walking thing (although I think she has mastered this considering that she can stop and turn in all directions, walk over things, walk on things, and walk without stopping from one part of the house to another) and definitely needs to learn how to get off the floor and walk (although she can now get off her Elmo chair and walk...those thighs are working!). She has also become a little monkey. She climbs onto our fireplace ledge where she likes to read her books. She has almost mastered getting on the couch herself and she can also get off of all of these places without killing herself.

Enjoying some spaghetti and time with Daddy.

I don't think she can get any cuter!


Kyle and Lesley said...

darling photos and cute shoes! So glad for the update! We are praying for you and know that something will work out and Jason's job will be amazing! You have the best attitude...

Marc and Katie said...

Lucy does the same thing when she watches . . . brings all her friends!

emH said...

I love Boise. It makes me so sad that the economy has dove there as it is a wonderful city (I've got family who are in the same need a job boat). Best of blessings for you.

Kristen said...

Tori is So cute!!! We miss you guys. We just went back to the 33rd ward for the first time yesterday - not the same without the Dingers! We are praying for these jobs to work out for Jason. Hang in there, I feel your misery being prego in excessive heat, but my A/C is still kicking along ok and that's the only way I survive!

Sawyers Family said...

Tori is adorable!
Just be thankful you're not pregnant in 100+ heat AND 100% HUMIDITY, like I was 2 years ago!
I can't wait to hear what you're having!

Heather said...

her hair is my favorite! i want a girly girl!!!