Monday, December 20, 2010

December Happenings

I can't believe that December is already on the way out! December is always the busiest month. Of course it is also my absolute favorite too! We have been to parties, celebrated our 6th anniversary, made goodies to share with friends and then delivered all of these goodies to all of our friends. I am still making all sorts of creations for Christmas presents too during all of my free time...I promise that I will have a blog about all of the things that I made after Christmas.
Just to keep everyone posted on Seth, it was confirmed that he does have cancer and it is terminal. He has about 6 months or so according to his oncologist. He is now on Hospice and they will make sure that he has all of the things that he needs and make sure that my parents are taken care of. They even have a music therapist that will come in to help with Seth!
I cried big time when I found out the news, but I was really glad that Jason was working from home that day to have a shoulder to cry on and that I was able to talk with my sister who brought everything into perspective. It will be sad to see him go, but he has definitely fulfilled his mission here. I am excited that Seth will finally be able to go back to his heavenly home and he can meet Spencer. I am sure that Spencer will be waiting for him! Seth will be able to speak and do those things that he needs to do to prepare for things to come. He has taught me so much and he brought me to my career as a Special Educator. It is time for him to go back home though...he has another mission to fulfil there. I really wanted to be home with my family in Oregon for Christmas, but it just is not feasible, especially since we were just there for Thanksgiving. So life just goes on and we wait. Sorry this is kind of depressing, but this is my journal and you are reading it, the good and the bad. This is all part of God's plan, the good and the bad! Thank you for all of your prayers.
On to the brighter side:

How can Tori not make you smile?! We have been trying to be creative with playing inside since it is freezing here. One of Tori's favorites is jumping in the crib with Brooke & their whole menagerie of stuffed animals. I literally dump all of their stuffed animals in the crib and they have a grand old time jumping around and playing with all of their animal buddies. We do this almost everyday when Brooke wakes up from her 2nd nap.
Tori gets smarter and smarter every day. She is so fun and so bright. I LOVE her! Lately she is in to the princesses. We have watched Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, The Princess and the Frog and Snow White in the last week. It is nice to get a break from Elmo and the Wiggles. But she has also watched A Wiggly Wiggly Christmas about a million times too (we checked it out from the Library!) She loves to dance to and listen to Christmas music. We bought them both a CD of Christmas is kind of annoying (and I really wonder what sane adults actually went into the studio to produce this kind of music, because you can tell that it is adults singing like children!) but they both love it!
When we went out to deliver goodies I asked if she wanted to put on mittens and a hat, and she willingly consented! So there is the photographic proof of her willingness (please note that she is saying cheese in both of the said pictures above). She wore them the whole time we were out (almost 2 hours!).

As for little miss sunshine. The pictures say a thousand words. She is happy most of the time (unless she is bitten by the cat, Tori takes something away from her, or food is not immediately given to her upon her request) and is getting steadier and steadier on her feet. We finally used Auntie Michelle's birthday money to get her her first doll. It is really cute and makes these baby noises and it also plays a lullaby if you push the chest. I didn't think that Brooke would get that, especially since the toy is for an 18 month old (all the other dolls were scary looking to me!), but after a few practices, sure enough, she got it! Thanks Auntie Michelle! And who can resist an Oreo?! The messy face is of Brooke eating her first Oreo...mind you it was a mini Oreo and it made that much of a mess! Could you just die over that picture on the bottom right?! She is so dang cute!

More fun times. The top left is of Tori taking down Brooke in the crib and giving her a kiss. The bottom right is of Tori going in for a kiss...Brooke's face...CLASSIC! I love the bath picture too...I got some more, but this one is the only rated G picture, so to save them from embarrassment in the future you get just one. But can you see the skin tone differences between the two?

Tori putting on the first Christmas ornament (please note that Tori is wearing a tutu for the occasion!). She LOVES the Christmas tree. We quite frequently play in the "Tree" room which used to be our den, but has become Christmas Central. We have an ornament that plays Feliz Navidad when you press a button and boy can Tori jig to that song! It is so fun! We did get it on video, but it is hard to upload videos and I have no patience!

And to end about pictures in our Christmas duds. I bought Tori this dress because I couldn't resist, it is Christmas"ie", but she will be wearing it until it doesn't fit anymore. Brooke's is definitely a Christmas frufru dress inherited from Livy. She was so fruffy that we could barely get her seat belt done up! Brooke is also showing off one of her new skills...pointing. She points (and pokes) at everything with her pointer finger and she makes a funny little growly noise when she does it is hilarious! Please note that Jason is wearing the Elmo tie that you gave him Dad! Tori LOVED it and it matched our black, red and white theme. You will get to see their second Christmas dress in my next posting. My mom bought Brooke, Tori and Livy all matching black sweater dresses with red tights! They are soooo cute! Just think, Brooke will get to wear all 3 of the dresses! Ha ha ha! I love it!
Well, tata for now. The next post won't be until after prepared, I am sure there will be about a MILLION pictures! We are "flying on a plane, a BIG one" (quoted from Tori who reminds me every day) to Utah for Christmas. We are excited! YIPPEE! 4 more days!

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Lora said...

CUTEST PICTURES EVER!!!! The girlies are so cute, and you look fabulous too---I love the hair. You were right, that picture of Brookie is fabulous, the one of her in the black shirt. I need that pic by the way. Oh, and I can't believe that Jason is actually sporting a tie with Elmo on it. Not OK. Jason. Just because dad gives you something to wear does not mean you should actually wear it. Come to think of it, Dad has never bought us anything to wear.....thank heavens! ;) We are going to miss you like crazy this Christmas. Love you all.