Friday, December 23, 2011

Have Yourself A Crafty Little Christmas...

 So, as I have mentioned before I have made quite a few crafts this year for Christmas gifts. I also made my anniversary gift and a thank you to a dear friend Dina Gardner, who challenged me to read the Conference Ensign every day for 38 days (that's 1 talk a day)...I was rewarded with some of her delicious cupcakes and I made her a cupcake dry erase board... inspired by something that I saw on pinterest.
This is the one the dry erase board that I made Jason for love notes... it is now located on our dresser. :)
This is the one that I made for Dina! YOU ROCK! Apparently she has a whole room that matches this...I guess I picked some good colors!

Here are some bows that I made for my girls, Livy and Ryah... of course I was inspired by Pinterest!

So you see all of those Gingerbread men! Oh the royal icing! I made these for two parties: The Relief Society White Elephant Gift Exchange & Jason's work party. They were a hit. Then I made another double batch (along with a triple batch of sugar cookies) to give to neighbors around our cul-de-sac and in our ward! YIKES! I am DONE baking for a while!

Auntie Michelle...They are wearing your hair bows! Please note that Tori is eating her bribe... a Gingerbread boy! She let me put up her hair in exchange for a cookie...I bribe my child to look cute! Could you just munch Katelyn! All smiles! They were all a hit at Jason's work party! We scored great gifts at that White Elephant gift exchange! $15 in Itunes! YES! I can upload real music...and not Disney, Wiggles or Ralph!

My silly little girls! Katelyn looks hilarious (and a little blurry), but she is sporting some 3-6 month clothes now! Can you believe that she is 4 MONTHS old?! YIKES! Time flies here! She loves to play with toys, sit in her bumbo and bouncy chair, sleep in her swing and giggle.

That is Tori's hair the day after the party...she slept in it and it became a bouffant! Cutie pie Katelyn and her posse courtesy of Graden Blue. Then there is Brooke hanging out in the bassinet... she thought that was a pretty fun thing to do while I was feeding Katelyn! Ahh...and Jason bought me flowers...just because! TENDER! 

Ode to the Gingerbread (well, really it is made out of graham crackers) Houses! Graden and Burke Blue came over to play. They are my favorite little boys and we have lots of fun! Tori LOVES them both and Brooke is fond of them too (in her own little way...but she was napping while we made these beauties). Anyway, we made gingerbread houses with all kinds of goodies. Check out their snowmen and pink (red) roofs! Oh and the top left picture is of Tori and Graden in a fort that they made. SO FUN! We sure LOVE those BLUES!

Merry Christmas!


Katie said...


Cherie said...

You are SO very talented!! I love your dry erase boards and I love the idea that you have to write love notes with your husband - very romantic and definately keeps the marraige happy!!

I have no words for your Gingerbread men. I still think they are too perfect and pretty to eat. We loved the ones you brought to our house (THank You so much!). My daughters both thought they were so beautiful too!! (we ate them anyway - wink).

Have a Merry Christmas!!

The Broderick Family Blog said...

WOW! so many fun projects! I need to get on pinterest more. There are so many cool things!
That's an awesome challenge to read a conference talk each day. Way to go!

Alli Blue said...

Holy cow! Graden and Tori look like brother and sister! I don't think I have ever seen that before!

Thanks for watching my peeps, so I can do whatever I said I was going to do :)

You are a dear friend my sweet Kendra Dinger!