Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Fotos

We went to a ward game night at the beginning of February and I made some sprinkle cupcakes for a cake walk. We decided to eat the left overs for breakfast. I snapped these stinking cute pics (please note that Brooke is looking at the camera and has her hand around Jason. Also note that Tori has her hair in pig tails!)
The Dingers came to visit twice this month! I remembered to take pictures only the second time! Auntie Marie came too! We needed to get some pictures with Katelyn and her grandparents.

When there are free babysitters there are crazy date nights! Holla! Jason and I went to a fabulous Valentine party with a thrift store flair. All participants were to come dressed in clothes that we bought from a thrift store with a Valentine/Couple Theme. Jason and I went for the Valentine theme. We found most of our outfits at DI and I found my fabulous Valentine PJ pants at Goodwill. Jason found my amazing sweater in the racks (please note that there are feathers around the neck and sleeves!) I also couldn't pass up these hot pink stilettos! H.O.T.! Our professional pictures will follow soon...maybe with a blog devoted just to the party!
TORI: still loves to pose for the camera. I love the hot chocolate mustache. I pulled my hot pink shoes out of my shopping bag and they were immediately snatched by little hands. They walked around the whole house in them.The 4 bottom shots are Tori in a princess photo shoot. 1 is a over the shoulder look, 2 is the classic fist under the chin, 3 is the up doo, and 4 is the hands under the chin look. My favorite is the sitting princess that I took yesterday...she is getting so BIG!

BROOKE: is our comedian and I feel lucky if I get a shot of her! She was sporting the bunny ears on Monday and I just had to take a few pictures. She is constantly getting into things...she is a very curious girl. She also LOVES to wear my shoes around the house. She just keeps getting more beautiful.

KATELYN: aka Scooter (we are pretty sure that this is going to be her nickname) is growing like a weed. Her new trick is too scoot (hence the nickname) all over the house on her back in the back bend push leg form! It is pretty funny. she is our first to do this and it makes her quite mobile. One day we found her under the trampoline in our living room. She pushed her way under and then back out again! Check out her form...she is waving to you all!

Auntie Marie couldn't resist dressing up our little Scooter...she is quite the doll!

Last, but not least, Tori is learning to draw and write. She can now spell her name and LOVES to draw various animals. As you can see by the label, the left animals are frogs. The animal to your right is a dog. So stinking cute!
We have enjoyed our February thus far and I cannot believe that February is almost at an end! YIKES! But...Scooter will be turning 6 months soon, so I will post her stats and another photo soon! Check out my new food and fun blog: That Is A HumDINGER!

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Lora said...

The girls are SO cute. I am so jealous that the Dingers get to see you so often, but so grateful to them that they are such an important part of your life and get to take care of you for all of us. Love the "Gwenis" and Auntie Marie!!!! Scariest photo of Jason to date: The Valentine's outfit. Yikes! It's a good outfit alright, but maybe he should refrain from pink and red (in the same outfit) in the future. ;) You guys look fabulous though!!!! I miss my girlies, and they are getting SO big. Can't wait to see them in April! Love you tons and tons! xoxox