Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We went to San Francisco after Jason completed his internship at Turn About. We stayed for a whole week! It was fabulous to see Lora, Jake and the kids! Wow did I miss them! Oh what fun we would have if we lived closer! Well, the visit was fabulous and the kids loved at first sight! They were all over her. Oscar always said "Auntie Kendra,Tori is so cute!" and every morning Livy ran to the front room and asked for Jason, Keni and Tori! It was awesome! I was afraid that Livy wouldn't remember us, but she did!

The first encounter! Tori and Livy loved each other!

A big smile at the Golden Gate Bridge!
Livy and Tori were inseperable at the pool. Livy wanted to be with Tori all the time!

Matching outfits! Yep...there were 4, but this is the only one we ot pictures in! You try getting Livy sit let alone look at the camera!
Livy was always concerned about Tori's bink...what a good helper!
Oscar always wanted to hold Tori...we let him twice with a very watchful eye.
I let Livy play with Tori after her morning naps in the playpen. They bothed loved looking at each other and they smiled a lot!

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