Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Runny noses...coughs...but still smiling!

Tori and I have a cold. Sad day! It really is because I can't play with any of my friends and I just contacted Alla, Cass, and Jess to go and visit and I have to wait until we are all better to go and play. I feel like I have the plague, but I don't want any of their munchkins to get sick either! Well, until then I will be quarantined to my house! Well, we do take an occasional outing to Target and Walmart. That's probably where I got this cold in the first place!
Well, Tori is doing just fine. No fever, just snot and coughs. She does get to sleep in her bassinet again next to my bed so that I can help her during the night (she still sleeps well too!) She still laughs and plays, and as you can see, smiles! She is so good!!! The best baby!
This is Giraffe...her snuggly...she loves to sleep with it and I let her nap with it during the day. I am still a little leery letting her sleep with it at night, but I think they will be inseparable one day!


Jessica said...

Oh sad!! I totally understand and hope you get to feel better soon so we can hang out with each other!She seriously is so cute. I love how she loves her giraffe!!!

Cassidy said...

Hey guys!
I am sorry that you are sick, so as soon as you get feeling better we will hang out. We had a really nasty cold about a month ago and Cole got it the worst. His nose was so yucky so he was up a ton in the night. Before he was sick he slept all night and that darn cold gave him very bad habits that we are still trying to recover from. He keeps WAKING UP IN THE NIGHT even though he is better! Don't let that happen to you!
Heart ya! Hope to see you soon!