Monday, October 6, 2008

Pretty in Blue 2

I don't know why, but I like this picture a lot! So you get this one BIG!!!!!


Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

She is so cute!! I swear she was smiling at me in sacrament two weeks ago even though you were in the front and I was way in the back. But you had her up to your shoulder and she was just smiling and looking around. I just like to think she was smiling at me, even though she was probably looking at the cute baby sitting infront of us. But it was so cute!! I love her smiles.

Jessica said...

I LOVE this picture too! She's so beautiful. And I'm such a dork. I totally didn't tell you what days are good! Thankfully you're on track and asked about a day! So please forgive my forgetfulness. The only thing on Tuesday is that Charlotte has a hearing test at 9am. I SHOULD be back by 10am...if not maybe 10:15am. I will tell them I have another appt. at 10am so they'll be fast. Do you still want to do it that day???? I'm still up for it! I will definitely call you to tell you how long it will be if I can't be there by 10am. HMMM. Just let me know what you think about that! Maybe you can give Tori a view of Logan and the temple! : )