Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Visit to Logan

We went up to visit one of my good friends Jessica Chandler Ardern (we've been friends since Junior High, 7th grade homeroom!) We were inseparable in High School and it is sad because I only see her every so often and we live in the same state! Sorry Jess! It is fun to visit though because it is like we haven't missed a beat. Her kids are so adorable!
Tori is out checking all of her prospects! (I have had a lot of good friends that have had boys around Tori's age!) Jack is definitely high up on that list! I got Jack to laugh quite a bit and his big mouth grin is to die for! He is so cute...he is also three months Tori's junior but you can't tell because he is as big as or maybe a little bigger than Tori! Tori and Jack did hold hands, but they know that they must wait until they are 16 to date! Ha ha ha.
It was fun to see Jess (I know, you might be saying...Jess...well, I don't see a picture of her...we forgot to get a picture of us! We were to caught up in talking and watching our cute little munchkins interact.) All in all, it was a fabulous time...I wish that we lived closer so that we could hang out more...who know...maybe one day!

Charlotte was so cute with Tori! Jess has a huge LuvSac too! Charlotte got down and dirty with Tori on the floor and tried to do the same tricks as her!

The three of them together hanging out watching Curious George.

Most of these pictures were taken by Jess...she is a great photographer....look at these of Tori! Love the action shots!

The two love birds. (Jess made the blanket that they are snuggling on!)

How cute! Look at those lips Tori!!!


Lora said...

It looks like tori is wearing make-up in that bottom right hand picture. She is as beautiful as ever, and I miss her a ton. And Jack, is also beautiful!! Have you guys arranged their marriage yet???

Jessica said...

Ha ha ha. That's funny Lora! We had a fabulous time and wished we lived closer too : ) Maybe someday....Tori is a beautiful baby girl. We are glad we were finally able to meet her!