Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary Babe!

(This is a picture of us on my 26th birthday...just after, or right before we got engaged. Wow...we sure look young...and a lot skinnier!)

A Little About The Man That I Love (A fun little something I got off a friend's blog...Thanks Katie!)

What is your husband's name? Jason
How long have you been married? 4 years!!!!

How long did you date? 3 months

(This is one of our engagement pictures)
How old is he? 26
Who eats more sweets? Uh...I think we are even on that!
Who said "I love you" first? Jason!
Who is taller? Jason
Who is a better singer? I think that is a toss up...we both are amazing! Ha!!!
(This is the engagement picture that we sent out with our invitations!)
Who is smarter? Uh...well...GPA wise...I think he is...well, I haven't really checked lately. Baby wise, me. Street wise...hmm...that may be a toss up or leaning towards me. Advice wise...Jason for sure!
Who does the laundry? Me.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me
Does he snore? Yes, but I can get him to stop pretty easily if I beat him (he is really hard to wake up sometimes, or I just push him to his side).
What does he do in his spare time? Read (I made him a reader...this I am very proud of), plays board games with me and friends, hangs out with friends, watches movies...

(This is one of my favorite wedding pictures!)
Who mows the lawn? Our landscapers! Ha ha! The joys of owning a condo!
What is his favorite candy? Reese's Peanut butter Cups and Reese's Sticks
Who cooks dinner? Me
Who drives? He does.
Who says they are wrong? I usually say it first, but most of the time he fesses up!
What is his favorite meal? Hands down...Spaghetti!

(This is on our Honeymoon at Disneyland!)
Who kissed who first? He kissed me first ;)
Who asked who out first? Well, we technically didn't really date...we were friends and then we went directly to hanging out 24/7 (this was before the whole talk on not hanging out but dating from a BYU Fireside). Don't get me wrong...we did a lot of stuff together, but he never actually asked! We just did.
(This is one of the last pictures of us together that I have on my computer! Sad huh? That was a year and a half ago! Looks like we need to focus on pictures of us and not Tori...but she is sooooo cute! I guess we can do 1 of us to every 100 of her! Ha!)
Who wears the pants? When all is said and done-he does. I do pay all the bills though and manage the money...
Does he say he loves you every day? Yes! Of course!!! He makes me laugh everyday too...that is the deal!
Our Story
Well...we met in April or somewhere around a ward prayer. I wanted to talk to Jason because he served his mission in Spain (I studied in Spain and I am kind of obsessed with it!). I really didn't find him attractive, but he was nice. Well, we had some friends in common, so we hung out some. We were playing a game called Scum one night and I thought he was really I think that is when the crush started. Well, we hung out a lot more and I started to like him a lot (he, by the way, thought I was overbearing, too old and probably a little crazy!) We had a lot of fun as friends. Well...I made it a goal to not wait a century to tell someone that I liked them because of past mistakes in relationships (if you can even call them that), so I told him that I liked him, and he basically said that he was just not attracted to me in "that way". Well...after a few days and still being friends with him, we eventually got over the whole "not being attracted" stage and decided to go for it. We kissed and it was all history. Ha ha ha! The kissing was in June...I think that we got engaged in August sometime...I will have to consult the journal...and we were married in December. The reason why I married Jason was because he complimented me so well...where I was a little boisterous, outgoing and wild (which I believe has been tamed a bit by marriage and mothering) he is down to earth, a good listener, steady and lovable! I can't believe that he would listen to all of my jabber back then...but he made me laugh and we had so much fun together, so we went for it! Good thing! He is AMAZING! I couldn't ask for anyone better! Love you Jason!


Jennie said...

And then about 2 weeks after you got married, you met us!! How lucky are you guys? LOL!
Congrats on the anniversary! There will be many many more to come! you guys are awesome!

Jessica said...

You guys are so funny! I love that wedding picture and you look so good together! What a fun story for you guys : )

Laura said...

Loved the walk down memory lane:) Congratulations! You guys are an amazing couple!! Here's to many more wonderful years!!!

Rick, Sarah and Jacob 3 & 1/2 said...

Oh, Kendra!! So Cute. I love that you guys were friends first. Rick and I became fast friends too but I think the real best friend thing came after the "I Do". I got lucky too so I know what you mean. You both look so happy and I am happy for you! Happy 4th! I hit my 6th on the 27th of this month!!