Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Oregon (Make sure you see both of the new posts!)

Well...we went to Oregon for Thanksgiving! Wow...what a full house. We were there with my whole family (Mom, Dad, Seth, me, Jason, Tori, Lora, Jake, Oscar & Liv). It was kinda crazy, but I love it! I missed my little niece and nephew so bad! I was glad to see that they are getting bigger and still love me (even though they idolize Jason...I will let him have them if I get an occasional hug and kiss). Oscar ans Liv loved Baby Toe-ie and Tori loves them. Tori was fabulous and just let the kids play with her all day.

Besties: Tori and Liv

Uncle Jakie and Tori

Auntie Lora & Tori
Day One: We took the munchkins to build a bear. Tori slept through the process, but I made her a bunny. Liv made a bunny too and named it Poe. Oscar made a dinosaur and named him Steve. The guys all went to dinner and bowling with my dad. They had fun...Jake won! Lora, my mom, all the kids and I hung out at the house and played. The kids danced jigs around Tori mostly. Jake made two kinds of lasagna the day previous to our arrival...let's just say that I pigged out! YUM!

Tori in the purple twinner outfit

Its hard to get everyone to look at the camera...this is the best shot!

Liv playing with Uncle Jason

Dinner with the Gabels. Nikki and Tori.

Nikki, Norma, Mady and Susan with Tori
Day Two
: We saw Bolt (the new Disney movie) with the kids. It was cute and so much fun to watch it with Oscar and Liv (Tori slept through most of it!). Jason almost peed his pants...he loved the hamster. The hamster, Rhino, was really hilarious...he made the movie!!!
All the girls went to dinner with the Gabels (Norma, Susan, Nikki and Madyson). That was fun!

Grandpa feeding Tori
Day Three
: Thanksgiving! We decided to go to the zoo because it was free...boy was it crowded! It was fun though to see Liv get excited about the animals. Tori was bundled up sooo tight, and fell asleep just before it stated to down pour (gotta love Oregon!). That night we had our Thanksgiving feast made by chef Jake. Yummy! I made the green bean casserole!

Jann and Tori
Day Four: Shopping of course! Lora, Mom and I braved the stores at about 7:30 after a McDonald's breakfast. We got some good deals on kids clothes and a few presents for Christmas. That night we had dinner with Jann (aka Jannie favorite babysitter...well person really...when I was little) She brought over bears for all of the kids. How tender.

The best Christmas shot of the three munchkins. Liv, Tori and Oscar. (Lora has the better pictures of the three of them!)

Tori and all of the presents!



Merry Christmas!
Day Five: Christmas take one! We have a tradition that if we are only together for Thanksgiving, then we celebrate Christmas too before we leave. The kids had lots of fun opening presents. Tori was in love with all of the paper and bows. She of course got a haul. Clothes, shoes, a toy Noah's ark, a glow worm, some books and a wobbly penguin. That night after the kiddos were in bed Jake, Lora, Jason and I went on a date! It was our second double date. We went to Chipotle and ate some yummy fresh Mexican food! mmmmm!
Day Six: This was the sad day because we all left. It was sad to see the Olesens leave and sad to leave my mom and dad. We made it home safe and are ready for December!


Jessica said...

Wow! What an awesome Thanksgiving/Christmas ha ha. That is just awesome. You look like you've had a blast. I can't believe how stinkin' cute Tori is!! And I can't believe how much Olivia looks like Lora! All your family is dang cute and awesome. I use awesome a lot. I must be a surfer-dude. Glad you had a great time!!!

Shug said...

Hey Jason, it's Brandt. I just found your blog. I'd like to invite you and your wife to read it. if you want to email me your address, I'll send you a link for access! Anyways.. thanks again for coming over Sunday. You and Marc are the best.

Tober Family said...

See, now I wish I were in Oregon for Thanksgiving. I can't believe how different everyone looks. Nikki, wow, she looks so great and her daughter is so big.

Laura said...

Tori is getting SO big! She is such a doll!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!