Saturday, January 24, 2009


I cannot believe that I could have a 2 year old! Time flies so quickly! Well, on Thursday we went to Spencer's grave and brought him some birthday flowers. Grandma and Grandpa Dinger were there along with Marie (she came all the way from California and they all came to spend the day with much fun!)

Cute little Tori munchkin is holding our flowers for Spencer. We bought irises (because we think they are more masculine and we started the tradition last year...there will always be irises now...i just love the color...they are so beautiful!), snap dragons and calla lilies (because those were the flowers from his memorial) and some white daisies (to spice things up).

We actually found his headstone pretty easy this time. Some of the headstones were uncovered already...probably from other families trying to find their babies. I think that the headstone is so pretty.

Here is Tori Bori braving the cold!

Close up of the beautiful flowers from us.

These are the gerber daisies from the Dinger family. Notice the cute snow heart underneath.

I liked this picture with the closeup of the flowers and Jesus holding the baby!

Well, I finally finished his memorial book too! I think it turned out wonderful. It took an afternoon to transcribe the memorial service (it was recorded on a tape! luckily I had a tape player!) and now it is finished! You can view it too! I hope you like it!
Here is the link:


Kristen said...

We thought about you guys and Spencer this morning. I love the pictures from your visit to his grave site this morning and little Tori honoring her big brother. The flowers are beautiful, and definitely masculine. :) We miss you guys and would love to visit soon, but Ryan is sick now with the crazy stomach illness and I may be next, so it'll still be a while I'm afraid. But we wanted to let you know that Spencer is in our hearts today too. Happy Birthday little man!

Sawyers Family said...

What a beautiful book. I am so glad you took all of those pictures because they will be a great way for your other kid to know their big brother and know what a valiet spirit they have cheering them on! You are a pilar of strength to me and I am so thankful for your spirit. I love you and am greatful for our friendship. Because of you I am a stronger person!

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures and flowers! I'm looking forward to read about the memorial. Spencer is lucky to have parents like you!!

Mari said...

I loved the memorial book that you made. It was so beautiful and well thought out. Both of your testimonies touched us while we were in your ward, and they continue to touch us through your writing. It was clear that you spend a lot of time putting the book together; thanks for letting us see it.
Happy Birthday Spencer!

Laura said...

Kendra and Jason,
You two are so amazing! Your strength and faith continue to inspire me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful book and thoughts about your beautiful boy. He is so precious and is just perfect! I know you will have the opportunity to help him grow and be awesome parents to him just like you already are to Tori. Thank you for being such incredible people!! Nate and I have been thinking of you. Love, Laura

B2 said...

The book is so beautiful! You guys are so strong and we admire you so much. The Gospel and our knowledge of eternal families is so amazing. The grave is beautiful, especially with all of the flowers. And Tori is such a beautiful baby girl!