Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Puking...need I say more?

The past week was crazy! Last Monday night Tori woke up vomiting all over her crib (if this is too much not proceed! It just gets worse!) She continued to vomit for an hour. I thought I must have given her some bad food, and she fell back to sleep. The next day she was just fine. She played with Alivia (her best buddy that I now watch 3 times a week...she is so cute and so much fun!) and ate and everything. Well...that night is when the vomit hit the fan! She puked all night and all of the next day (Wednesday) and to make matters worse Jason and I decided to join in the fun and get the stomach flu too. Needless to say, we had a very horrible Wednesday night. Luckily the stomach flu goes through adult bodies a lot faster than baby bodies.

Well, Thursday finally came and we were in for a long day. Although Tori was not vomiting (I think that she was too parched for vomit to even form) she was really dehydrated despite our best efforts to rehydrate. So we went to the doctors and we were sent to the hospital to get abdominal x-rays. (Mind you this is after a night of no sleep and visiting the toilet every 30 minutes for the both of us.) Luckily there was nothing obstructing her little bowels, but she was dehydrated. The doctor told us that it would probably be a good idea to go to the ER and get an IV to rehydrate her. So off we went. Another 3 hours and a lot of pedialyte and we were out of there. Needless to say, Jason and I were spent.

We thought that Friday would be a better day...nope, the vomiting started again! YIKES! Saturday was the same...and Sunday she started throwing up bile (this is very bad) and we went to the doctors again and they gave us some anti-puke medicine.

I was seriously going crazy from being in the house so much! (I really hadn't left the house for 5 days and I needed to get out!) So Monday we braved the great outdoors and went grocery shopping. I think Tori enjoyed being out too. That night she vomited again, but she has not since that time.

Thankfully she is eating some solids and holding down her milk. So we hope and pray that we don't get the stomach flu again any time soon!

The miracles out of this whole mess:
1. Jason and I only had the stomach flu for 2 days.
2. While gargling once, Jason found one of the diamond pendants that my Dad gave me in the sink. It had already gone down the drain and popped back up with the pressure of Jason's spit! I wouldn't have even known that it was gone! The cat had pushed it down the drain (sure I shouldn't have left it on the bathroom sink counter for her to get to it, but we will still count it as a miracle).
3. Tori loved grape Pedialyte (just like her daddy did when he was little). Sometimes babies will not take it and Tori has only had juice less than a 1/2 a dozen times before. I really think that this is what helped her stay hydrated. A lot of what was causing her to vomit was the milk that she was drinking!
4. Tori was not vomiting and "coming out of the other end" at the same time. I could handle the vomit, but poop on top of that! YIKES!

Well...all in all we SURVIVED our first bout with stomach flu ( I cannot imagine having more than one kid with the stomach flue at a time...I thought this as I was watching John and Kate Plus 8...I mean really could you imagine!) Plus we really have the worlds most perfect baby (she really hardly ever cries and is so happy) that it was good to have a dose of the whiny and needy Tori to show us how blessed we really are all the time!

Of course...what is a blog entry without Tori Borealis? Here are some pics from Tuesday post the night of puking but pre the week to follow of the stomach flu!
Tori loves to drink juice from these really cheap sippy cups that I found at the store...I tried some of the more expensive ones, but she is just like her mother...happy with the bargain! She looked so cute in this black onsie! She looked like a little ballerina...we should get her a pink tutu!
This is Alivia. For the life of me I could not get her to look at the camera. Her mom is a photographer so I think that she could sense my amateurness and refused my pleas! (ha ha) Oh, and don't forget Cami...she is so relaxed sleeping between the two couches.
I know...these pictures are so blurry, but I couldn't get Tori to stop moving. She loves her cute little car that her Gigi (Grandma Gwen) and Grandpa Dennis (We didn't think that GD was such a good nickname for Grandpa Dennis...ha ha ha!) gave her for Christmas. Of course she needs help to move anywhere, but she loves to play with all the gadgets!


Kristen said...

So...when I went in to get Maggie this morning I immediately noticed a nasty smell. Yup, throw up all over the crib! I felt so bad, but I never heard her make a sound last night, so she slept in it. I was hoping it was b/c she ate so much last night, but a few bites of rice cereal this morning and up it came! Ahhh, wish us luck! She's also had 2 super nasty loose poops too (TMI). So I'm going to the store now for pedialyte. I'll be sure to get the grape kind. Maggie loves those cheap sippy cups too. Man, I hope this goes away fast and definitely hope we don't get it. At least b/c of you guys, I know we can survive, but we may never get to see you if this keeps up!

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

Sick babies are so rough. I am glad it is looking better. I thought by your title that you meant you were pregnant! ;)

Jessica said...

Look at that hair!!! It's growing and she looks so cute! : ) . I'm so sorry about the awful vomit/sickness. Thankfully it's over for you guys and hopefully it will never come back!!

Sawyers Family said...

I'm so sad she was sick! There's nothing worse than a sick kid! You should stand up her little car thing...Maylee has one and she loves to push it. Then Tori will be walking before you know it!

Tober Family said...

I'm so glad to hear everyone is ok now. Kids being sick is the hardest thing sometimes.

Mari said...

Oh MAN! I'm so sorry, I hate having the flu and I can't imagine having to take care of myself and a sick baby. I'm glad you guys survived!

Alicia said...

So sorry you had the stomach flu!! I can't imagine taking care of a baby while you are so sick. Good job, and I love the pictures of her on the scooter.