Monday, August 24, 2009


Everyone seems to have missed the blog where I said Jason got a job! :)

Well...along with all of the other blessings in our life, Jason got a job about a month ago. After a month of looking, praying and having a positive attitude (along with a lot of unpacking) Jason found a job with All-Seasons Mental Health. He has a job that is more suited for his talents: counseling (he is an amazing listener and is really in tune with the spirit). Although the pay (which is comparable to his last job...maybe a little bit more) is a little slow at the moment (he only gets paid for billable hours which include meeting with patients and also writing up reviews) and the paperwork seems never ending (although it is only supposed to take him 2-3 hours) Jason is working very hard and has about 12 patients. A full load is 30-40 patients (? I am not exactly sure about that). They have lots of work for him! He works in 3 different offices: Mountain Home-an hour commute from our house both ways (bonus: he is the only counselor there), Nampa-15 minutes from our house, and Boise-about 10 minutes from our house. One of his hiring points was the fact that he speaks Spanish. His boss, after hiring him, told everyone in the office that he was the new bi-lingual counselor. He has about 4 patients that are Spanish speaking. Although he says it is hard, he says that it is much easier than working with an interpreter. One of his clients is from Africa...and they have an interpreter, which he says isn't all that fabulous and lots of things get lost in translation.

Our key to finding a job: 1-a lot of prayer, 2-keeping an eternal perspective and remembering that we knew that God had this all planned out for us in His own time and His own way (let me tell you, that was hard to remember sometimes!) 3-attending the temple, 4-supporting each other (I helped him look for jobs and he helped me watch Tori and unpack!), 5- reminding Jason that he has special talents and that the job God had prepared for him was out there...we just had to be patient and trusting!

I know that a lot of you are looking for jobs right now. I think that it is very important for you to tell your friends and family about it. We will keep you in our prayers as soon as we know about it because we are very thankful for all of you who prayed for us! We know that there were a lot of prayers in our behalf!

On another good note: WE SOLD OUR CONDO!!! One less (HUGE) bill to pay! We are being smattered with blessings! Our next hurtle is insurance...but we are still trusting God that it will all work out in the end!


Sawyers Family said...

How amazing! I have am trying to do all of the things on your list to get Kevin a job...and the one thing that is lacking is going to the temple! I have been wanting to go for weeks now, but how do you attend the temple when you have no money and the nearest temple is an hour away? I guess we need to go and just rely on Faith and Heavenly Father to make ends meet, right?

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

I am glad Jason found a job. You guys sure deserve some blessings with how well you were handling everything. As I was reading your post Alivia was pointing at your blog saying, "Jason! Jason!" I thought that was amazing she remembered his name. :) I am glad you guys sold your condo. Keep up the good attitude. :)

jocie said...

Great people like you merit great blessings like that.