Thursday, August 6, 2009


Do you really get enough? Because I think you want more! :) I have to share something pretty funny too...last night Jason and I were watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and Tori was totally grooving to the music. We should have gotten video (I know) but she was doing all kinds of moves! Hilarious!
I love this one because you can see her little feet going and she is totally talking to herself! Oh and of course she is totally adorable in yellow!

She got a hold of grandpa's camera. She is so funny when she runs away with things that she knows that she cannot have! I had to take a picture of the cute barrettes I made her!

I had to share this picture because this is what it is like for me to get a picture of her straight on and smiling. Not going to happen! She can always wiggle herself off the couch before I even have the camera ready!

Lizard or husband? Not quite sure! Grandpa and Tori.
Playing with Cami. Cami is actually pretty good with Tori. Although later that day I think she got bit!


Cassidy said...

Cats that bite. Great another nightmare!

Tori is so cute!

emH said...

I'm glad that show is over. Not because it is horrible, on the contrary, I'm a total addict, and it sucks me away from other more important things. That and Ana likes to watch it over my shoulder and comment on the modesty of the dancers.