Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DunnDinger Extravaganza

We had a fabulous week! The Dunns and Auntie Marie came into town on Wednesday. We always have so much fun! Of course we filled the time with eating scrumptious food, playing games and the Wii, along with just hanging out! We even went on a walk with Tori and she explored the playground at the local elementary school. It was like pulling teeth to get her back in the stroller! Jason and Adam taught Marie how to play the Wii while Tori watched. It was so funny to see Tori with her own remote and think that she is playing! I will journal the rest of our week with the pictures! Enjoy! Oh, and the best news...Brooke just started to giggle yesterday although she is not feeling the best (she has had a cold for about a week) she still has a good attitude!

The cutest picture of Tori to date from Auntie Marie's camera!

A new passion: COLORING! Auntie Marie brought her coloring pages and Tori can even say color!

Check out the cute hairbows that Tiffany brought Tori! So adorable. There are better shots than this, but I love her expression! I cannot wait to make some!

Tori loves to feed herself now. The first picture is of her eating every morsel of her applesauce. And as Tiffy learned...Tori will steal your food!

Tori has a special love for "Anam" (that is what she calls Adam). She seriously wanted to be at his side the whole time he was here. They played Wii together, read together and colored together! When they left she looked for him and will continue to until she finds him again in our house! Anam is definitely Tori's first crush!

Tori playing with daddy and Brooke with Daddy

Adam and Tiffany with little Brooke

Playing with Auntie Marie. She can now say "A-E" (Auntie), "GaMa" (grandma) and "GaPa" or "UmPa" for Grandpa!

Tori loves to cook with me and took up the offer to make scrambled eggs with Auntie!

Through the looking glasses!

Oh no!

Although Jason and I hate ketchup, Tori can eat it plain! Note that that is not is the little paper cup that held the ketchup that is in her mouth!

Ahhh...saying goodbye to the Dunns. The only thing that lessens the sting is a visit to Fudruckers. Please note that Tori is mimicking what a hippo does. Ha ha!

Brooke just started to play with toys (that is if Tori doesn't steal them from her!!) and this is one of her favorites: the fish. can't even tell she is sick!

Sick Brookie snuggling with Jason who is also sick!

Sunday night Marie and I made Mexican food! Eat your hearts out! Mmmm..the Hernandez Enchiladas are to die for!

Of course Aunties have to spoil...I think it is their job! Auntie Marie bought Tori (and Brooke in the future) this amazing new toy.

THANKS FOR VISITING MARIE! We had so much fun!


Katie said...

Tori is getting so grown up!!! How old is she now?

Lora said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. Kudos to Auntie Marie for getting that fabulous shot of Tori, she looks so cute!!!! I am seeing bits of you in her. Those last two pictures of Tori and Marie are so cute. I am glad that you had such a fun time and got double visits from much needed friends and family! That being said.....I can't wait to see you again in less than two months!!! YAY!!!! Reunion. Love you

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

It looks like you guys had fun. We miss you and the Dunns! The girls are growing so fast. Don't you ever just want to pause time for just a bit and enjoy more of it when they are so young and then press play whenever you want. :) I just love the young young age.