Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Auntie Lora & Uncle Jake Visit

Lora and Jake visited this last week. It was so awesome. We missed them so much and it was so good to have some fun with them. We missed Oscar and Livy, but it was great to play with them and not have to worry about too many munchkins. They got here in the early afternoon, so we just hung out until Jason got home.
Thursday night we went to a Basque restaurant that was amazing! It is called Epi's. It is a little pricey (for our meager budget...but not at all too expensive for the amazingness), but it was out of this world good. From the delicious bread, to the creamy shrimp soup and the satiny was definitely the best restaurant for Spanish/Basque food I have had. The service was amazing to. The hostess was the owner (I believe) and she was so kind. I think everyone in our party had a back rub from her! Although we wanted to try some of their delicious desserts we had to decline because Tori was so done with sitting (we were there for 2 hours)! So we went through the TCBY drive through instead.
That night the games began. Lora and Jake introduced to extreme board games back in the day they were living in Chicago with Catan so of course we filled our time with playing games. Jake gave Jason a game called Race for the Galaxy for Christmas like 2 or 3 years ago and we have never had the stamina to learn it. Jake was determined this time to learn it and then teach it to us. Lora and I were too tired to play Thursday night so the boys learned together and the boys finally learned the rules.
Jason got to stay home on Friday and play with us! It was awesome. Of course the boys had to Wii it up in the morning. Tori was thoroughly entertained. She loves to watch people play Wii Sports Resort (especially the Frisbee dogs and 100 pin bowling). She claps really hard for those little dogs catching the Frisbee and if they jump catch...her excitement escalates!

Here the boys are demonstrating their Wii skills. Although paired skating is not an official Wii Sports Resort game, they had to try it out.

Here they are in the action!

Tori is shown here in amazement watching them play the Wii.

Lora and I got ready in the morning to take the kids to the mall. This is a semi-decent picture of us, but of course Lora looks cuter. I am just too lazy to put on makeup!

Ok...taking pictures with the kids was hilarious. Brooke of course doesn't really smile on cue and Tori didn't want to sit in one place, so here are a few of the takes. This is the cutest one that we got with Lora and Brooke. Lora of course looks amazing and at least Brook isn't crying!

This picture sums it up. Lora is squeezing Tori so that she won't move, Brooke is on the verge of crying and well, Lora is showing the strain it takes to keep 2 kids in a picture! So funny!

Lora took a million pictures of Brooke. i think she was trying to capture a smile.

Lora got a good one of me! Amazing! Cami scared Lora and Jake (she is quite the evil cat!) and Lora called her Lucifer. Poor Cami is so beautiful she is good at making people think she is nice, but she isn't.
Well, after we all got ready Lora and I went to the mall with the munchkins and walked around. I love going shopping with my sister and I wish that she was here so that we could entertain each other while are husbands slave away at work for us. But alas it is not so. Lora bought an amazing purse and of course she had to spoil Tori and bought her some toys at the Disney Store. Tori now is the proud owner of Minnie and Mickey, and a plastic Pooh Bear.
We decided to ditch the mall and go for a quick lunch at McDonald's (which of course Tori loved!) so that we could make sure the munchkins got their naps. The boys went out to Flatbread Community Oven which by the way is DOC certified (meaning that it has authentic Italian style pizza) and Jake declared it as the best pizza that he has had outside of Italy! Needless to say we went there again on Saturday before we dropped them off at the airport. I think Lora agrees with the fact that it is very delicious! I am excited that Jake likes 2 restraunts in Meridian; I think that he'll want to come back!
Friday night we stayed in and played Stone Age lovingly nicknamed as the "Whoopie Hut" game because one of the things you can do on a turn is to make more hunters (if you know what I mean).
Saturday we just chilled in the morning and like I said visited Flatbread Pizza. I was sad to see them go, but I am excited because in approximately 58 days they will be back again, but with the kids!!!! The countdown begins!! I am so glad you guys came! I really missed you and I can't wait to see you again! are some tender pictures of Uncle Jake and Brooke. Tori was a little scared of Uncle Jake, but she sure performed her heart out to keep them entertained. Her favorite was singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider for them.

Oh oh! Here she is sucking on her thumb. She almost has it down pat, but still doesn't have enough control over her hand and arm motion.

Here is a big smile!

Her cute outfit on Sunday. A picture with she is totally washed out, but look how blue her eyes are!

Tori bug in her new dress that Lora brought from CA. I love hand me downs!

And Brooke in her Valentine's Day outfit. Check out the built in shoes...

and the "Be Mine" butt!

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