Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well...sorry about last week (but that means lots of pictures this week!). I let the week slip by. I was really out in my front yard digging out the horrible flowers (grape hyacinths aka the devil's flower) for 12 hours! Yeah, it was ridiculous! I also planted some pansies in the back flower garden in front of our beautiful irises.
I also worked hard on the girls' room. Jason made their little toy shelf and then I redecorated (mainly adding in Tori's new toddler bed). So last Wednesday Tori started sleeping in her toddler bed, and miracle of miracles, she doesn't even try to get out! She loves it! She also is eating in her "big girl" booster at the table with Jason and I because Brooke has now taken over the high chair!
Oh, and she asked to get out of the bath tub the other day and use the toilet (we got her an Elmo toilet seat) and when she was done (I am not exactly sure if she went) she cheered herself on! Ha ha ha! We haven't started training her yet and probably won't until the middle of June when we are here long enough to be all over it!
Saturday we went out and bought a freezer for our garage. We saved for it for about 5 months (every time we went to get groceries we would take $20 out in cash and put in the envelope labeled freezer...we did that instead of buying food storage for 5 months) and we got a great deal at RC Willey's! It will soon be in our home! Yeah!
We also went out for Mother's Day lunch at Red Robin. For 20 (!) Weight Watcher points I had 3 Clucks and 4 fries (plus I had Ranch...I know...but I was living it up!). Then later we went to Walmart to buy more pansies for the front and I got a hydrangea bush! I love them so I was way excited! (So more planting for me sometime this week. I will definitely get a picture when I am finished! On the way home from Walmart we bought TCBY for dinner! Ha ha ha! I know! But it is a holiday and TCBY really is good for you! :)
While we were eating our frozen yogurt, Brookie got to taste her first rice cereal! She loved the spoon more than the food, but she swallowed it and was a very dainty eater. It didn't get all over!
Sunday I got cards from the gang and $ for a trip to Old Navy. I really need new clothes! I also got some time to make Tori her Zoo book which I have been trying to do for about a month (it was meant to be a birthday present!). I finished it yesterday, she loves it!
This week is all about getting prepared to go to Oregon to visit with the whole fam damily! YES! I can't wait to see them all! Ok... now for the pics! Have fun viewing our shenanigans!

Rice cereal rocks!

She is getting so big! She was all over the spoon!

Where is the mess little girl? I think she was way more ready for food than Tori was!

Speaking of the Too...Here she is eating her first meal at the table in her "big girl" booster! Classic spaghetti picture...she looks way tired and needs her bangs cut!

Better pictures in the booster. This was Saturdays dinner. Notice the smile. Who wouldn't smile when your dinner is only a TCBY cone?! (notice the cone?!) Hers was free for mother's day!

Jason with Brookie

Our irises! They are out and beautiful. I think that we have 5 different ones, but these 3 are the only ones out right now.

Pretty! I am not really that big of a fan of the yellow ones, but oh well...not digging those things up!

Tori after a bath in my shower cap!

Her last nap in her crib! Bye-bye. Now Brookie sleeps in there! YES! She sleeps in the bassinet for a few naps during the day, but she is out of our room!

This is where Brooke ended up while I was putting together their room.

The many faces of sleepy Tori.

Trying to get a picture of us. Tori is actually saying cheese! Ha ha ha! (My hair is not done! and I am in my pjs...don't make fun!)

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Kristen said...

So fun to see your pictures. We miss you guys. The girls are so cute, what fun! I love that you have a backyard.