Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Birthday!

Lost: 1. Total: 11!
Well....I cannot believe that I have a 2 year old. Tori really had no idea what her birthday was...but she did know that she was supposed to blow out the candles! Ha ha ha!

The night before Jason and I made her this cute banner (Jason cut out some of the wrapping paper flowers) and I wrapped all of her presents from us: 2 puzzles, blocks (to build towers so we don't have to wait to go to the library to play with theirs), an Abby boat that floats in the bath tub, & a Hippo bubble blower.
Well, we celebrated her birthday with a little party with all her little girlfriends. We invited 3 other families and their little munchkins for the occasion. There were 7 girls total! and one of our friends just found out that she is having another girl! Not one boy in the mix yet! Let's see if I can name all of her little friends: Hannah (her bestie), Courtney, Caroline, Megan and Sarah (Sarah will probably end up being Brookie's bestie because they were born only 3 days apart!).

I made cupcakes for the occasion and when Tori saw them she immediately climbed up on her highchair and demanded to have one.

To her chagrin, I made her wait until the party and after dinner! She was excited for dinner though because she had Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets and applesauce. That was a winner for all of the kiddos! We adults had pizza...mmm... and very sinful!

She also got a hold of the tape and taped her mouth shut! Ha ha ha!

Next on the list was opening presents. She got the above mentioned gifts from us and she also got a baby bottle that fills up and then empties magically, a snow white figurine, smarties, Swedish fish, a bucket with a shovel and some more puzzles. My friends are so smart, they let their kids all pick out something at the $1 store and then each kid gets to bring something! Ingenious! My mom and Dad bought her everything for her party including goodie bags that included: a beach ball, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and M&Ms from the $1 section at Target (some of Tori's favorite things) the pizza, balloons, 4 pairs of summer PJs, Wiggles Go Bananas on CD, and a little table that we have yet to pick out (IKEA here we come!).



You can tell what her favorite gift is: the Smarties! (Pure sugar! She never gets this stuff for the fact that she was up until almost 10PM on a sugar high!) She looks like a chipmunk! Ha ha!

After presents we had the yummy cupcakes. There are 2 varieties because I ran out of frosting! I love the picture of her trying to blow out the candle. She had a FABULOUS birthday! Happy 2nd buggie!

Tori's 2nd Birthday Top Ten:
1. Airplanes: She pretends to be an airplane all of the time and whenever she hears one she sticks her arms out and makes her plane noise.
2. The Wiggles: I think that we watch Wiggles Go Bananas at least once a day!
3. Animals: She loves to watch a slide show I made of all of the animals that we have in pictures. she is crazy about monkeys, tigers, koalas, squirrels, chickens and leopards.
4. Socks: She likes to pick out her socks everyday. She loves to wear Elmo socks the most and then Abby , but on occasion she will pick out just plain white or pink.
5. Sesame Street: obsessed. I think that she wants to live on sesame street!
6. Food: namely applesauce, chicken, soup, yogurt and eggs.
7. Cooking: Now that she has her own pretend kitchen she pretends to cook often and she loves to help me make Mac and Cheese and eggs.
8. Reading: Her favorite books right now are Panda Bear Panda Bear, That's Not My Airplane, Organic Animals, Go Dog! Go!, and anything Sesame Street.
9. Singing with the motions! I love it...her favorites are: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Popcorn Popping, The Wise Man and the Foolish Man, Row Row Row, and The Wheels on the Bus.
10. Going to the park or Zoo

On another note...I have found a new addiction. The Hunger Games Series! I read and LOVED the 1st book and I can't wait to finish the 2nd and then buy the 3rd!!!
We can't leave a blog without a little picture of Brookie!


Lora said...

So cute. I can't wait until we celebrate her birthday again in a few weeks!!! She will have had a total of THREE Birthdays. Wahoo. She is a smart girl going straight for the sugar. I can't believe that she is already 2! She isn't a baby anymore. I am glad that I can get in some baby time with Brookie who is getting bigger and bigger. Tell her to slow it down, I would like to have her stay a baby for a long time! ;) Good job on losing 11! Wow. Love you tons. Can't wait to see you, and play with my little nieces! xoxo

Jessica said...

Yay for April 24th birthdays!!! :D I can't believe that Tori is 2. Seriously. Wasn't she just born??? And I'm not talking about Brooke (who looks so cute in those pistures!!!) either!! he he. And yay for you for losing 11 pounds. I lost 10 lbs in one day. hardy har har. Only 50 more to go!!! ha ha. I didn't gain 60 pounds...just to get back to where I once was...a long long long time ago. he he.
good on you!!! Keep it up!!