Monday, March 7, 2011

Rainbows & Other Rainy Day Things

Tori LOVES rainbows and one day we came home from Walmart to find a rainbow in our front yard. Tori was extremely excited and asked me to take a picture of it! There has been a lot of rain lately which means that Spring is on the way right?! I wouldn't know, because it has been snowing all day here! Could it PLEASE stop? OK...I am trying not to complain.

The rainbow!

Here are some funny pictures of Tori last week. I love the picture of her asleep on the LuvSac. This is a rare occurrence lately (meaning a nap) and I was so tired one day I told Tori that she could have her Binky (which she only gets when she sleeps) if she came and cuddled with me on the LuvSac. Well, it worked like a charm. We both fell asleep and this is what she looked like after my nap. Please note that she is sleeping with ALL of her My Little Ponies. Some are under her rear...don't ask me how that is comfortable!
The two of her in the crib are great representations of her jumping habits. Every day when Brooke wakes up from her nap Tori asks to jump in the crib. This time she asked me to get the camera!
Do you not love the picture of Tori holding Bambi (the movie and stuffed animal) totally zonked in the car?! Classic! We went to Toys R Us to pick up a swing set (hurray for tax returns) and Bambi Movie which came with a free stuffed Bambi. After some Cafe Rio...she was out for the count!

The 3 picture of Brooke in the striped shirt are of her dancing. She loves to wiggle to the Wiggles. She also likes to steal her sister's sippy cups! The other two are just random pics that I took during the week. Brooke learned how to do some of the motions to the Wheels on the Bus. My favorite are the baby and the mama on the bus! I have been trying out different ways to put up her hair. It has a mind of its own if we don't do anything as seen in the picture in the upper left corner.

Brooke is learning to feed herself too! This is eating taco insides (she doesn't like the shell) and Nacho Cheese Doritos! Look at those hands...and we have a carpeted dining area...I still have no idea why they put carpeting in a dining area (or in our bathroom for that matter).


Alli Blue said...

I love Tori's rainbow!!! And sleeping on the ponies! Ouch!!! Brooke is a doll! Love that girl!

Lora said...

Oh, I miss my girls. They are so cute I could munch them!!! Love you!!