Monday, April 4, 2011

Once there was no blogging,,,

...and all were wondering why? Why would Kendra do such a thing? Why would she deprive us of the strange ramblings of her brain and cute pictures of her children. Well, I decided that we needed to paint the den, a project that I thought was going to take a week or so lasted 3 weeks. YIKES! But boy does our den look fabulous. Our den will soon become the computer/library/workout room/craft room/guest room! We are still in the process of transitioning things from room to room to make room for the little bean (which, by the way, we get to find out the sex next Monday at 10! Wehew!). So you think you may have seen really long blogs, but this one may blow them all out of the water! :) I am in the process of uploading a video (cross your fingers that it works) and I think there are 10 collages (this is not counting a future blog of all of the pictures taken during Grandma and Grandpa Dinger's visit...they already have 5 collages!) But you know...if you don't want to read my gab then just look at the pictures and see how my cute girls keep on growing like weeds!

Meet Princess Victoria. Tori is really into dressing up and I finally got some pictures of her in her cute little princess outfit that includes the pink skirt, pink tiara and pink puff high heels. I told her to pose like a princess (the top left picture) and she posed just like her little plastic Belle with her hands clasped together. She also loves to dance in her pink skirt because it makes a really big flare. She is sooo adorable.

is talking like a mad woman. For the past 3 weeks I have written all of the words and phrases that she knows. Here it is: done, boo, wee, yeah, yay, no, go, Aurora, mommy, mama, daddy, dada, amen, beep, moo, Dora, E-I-E-I-O, meow, baby, wa-wa-wa (pretend crying), poporn (popcorn), in, pull, bow wow, down, rea (read), book, kiki (kitty), bye-bye, hi, whoa, oh-no, "my baby" (I say this phrase all the time to her when she snuggles with me), "I lu you" (I love you), ou-sy (outside), ball, book, tain-q (thank you), "I know you" (which is Aurora's theme song and she also sings all of the middle when Aurora just sings ah, ah, ah, is quite adorable and she sings it all day long and anytime she holds a princess) and she also sings the wheels on the bus. Can you believe that?! She is just going to be 17 months! As for the pictures, she likes to be a monkey and I found her one day trying to climb on our kitchen counters. She thought she was pretty cool. And of course, her favorite book is Jesus the Christ (which I finally finished!). She would sit on the couch and pa-rouse the pages every morning. So I had to snap some shots.

I have mentioned before that my girls love to listen to music and dance, well, Tori was really into the Wiggles CD Top of the Tots which included the song "Cow Boys and Cow Girls". She has seen the video and learned the dance that went along with it, so every time the song comes on she gets out her hat and does the boot scoot. It is adorable. As you can tell by the change of outfits, we listen to this CD almost every day.

Who doesn't want to see Brookie eat spaghetti?!

Some silly pictures of Miss Tori.

These are some of Tori's paintings from the many rainy days we played inside. The bigger one that is brown and orange is a lion.

One of Brooke's favorite pass times is to talk on the phone. I love that she speaks with the phone behind her head!

Tori gets more independent every day. Some of her new feats, brushing her teeth by herself and using the bathroom by herself (meaning that she screams "STAY" and charges to the bathroom and closes the door and goes all by herself). She still needs help with a few things like finding the front of her undies, but she is getting better (if we could just get the pee in the toilet and not on the floor, rugs, shirts and socks!). She also likes to brush her teeth all by herself...more like she likes to eat the toothpaste, drink water from her toothbrush and spit in the sink. Ha ha ha. (I didn't think that it would be appropriate to take photos of toilet time...YIKES!). Is she not so cute when she lets me do her hair!?

Well, as you can see, uploading the videos did not work. BUT luckily I got a few pictures of Brooke at the duck pond! Isn't the swan beautiful. The girls LOVE to visit the duck pond. I am this all you get for now. But I am sure that this will last you a few days. :)


Lora said...

so,so,so cute! Miss Brooke is getting so BIG. And so is Tori. You are the collage queen. Thank you. You now need to post pictures of your den, the girls' new room, and the baby room. And the swing sets. PRONTO!.....I mean, please. Thanks for all of the pics. They are adorable. Love you.

Alli and Jason said...


Collett Family said...

Way to go on the home renovations. I admire your go-get-itness even though you are expecting. I can't wait to find out who your little bean is going to be.

The Broderick Family Blog said...

How exciting...monday you get to find out what your baby is. It is great we are having babies so close together. I find out on Friday what we are having. :)
Your girls are adorable! I love all the little photo pages you put together. Someday I need to figure out how to do that.