Monday, April 18, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa Dinger (plus other bonus material!)

Well, Grandma & Grandpa Dinger came to visit at the end of March and again the first week of April. On the first trip Auntie Joy accompanied them! Of course we did not get a picture. But there was a lot of fun to be had! Tori LOVES her Auntie Joy!
During the dry patches, we went outside and played on our patio. Brookie drove her little car, mowed the lawn and played on the slide. Everything is much more fun when Grandpa is there! She also loved to get big squeezes from Grandma.
This is our attempt at getting a picture of all 4 of them (mind you there are about 4 other shots not posted because I can never get all people in the picture to look at me at once! Tori loves to read a book, especially when someone else takes the time of day to read her 188 page Princess picture book! Good job Grandpa! Also there are 2 adorable pictures of Tori and Brooke. As you can see we are having some difficulty dressing Tori. She is wearing a 2T white shirt (which after this use became Brookie's), a 24 month sweater (which is a little short in the arms, but she LOVES it) and a 3T ruffle skirt (that almost falls off her hips)! She desperately needs new clothes, and she will be getting a whole bunch for her birthday in just a few day!

Here are the pictures of Tori exploring outside with Grandpa. Have I mentioned that this girl is totally into worms, bugs, beetles, etc.? It is hilarious. She loves to go out on our lawn and collect specimens and bring them all inside to play. YIKES. We then remind her that all bugs stay outside.

Every morning when Tori woke up she went to snuggle with Grandma on the couch! Well, the Dingers and Auntie Joy left on Tuesday and lo and behold, two nights later the Dingers were back to help us out with some much needed yard work. I promise to take some pictures of our success (pruning hedges, rose bushes, edging and mowing our lawn and rotatilling our garden). Our lawn looks so amazingly green and our spring flowers are blooming!

This is the way we watch Conference. Well, mind you this was the 2nd session on the 2nd day. We were worn out! The girls were surprisingly good and only got a little antsy towards the end of each of the two hours. Tori recognized the prophet and his counselors. It was pretty cute! I love snuggle time and Jason loves to be horse. (ok...well, maybe not all that much, but who could resist the riders?!)

Tori, Brooke, Grandpa and Daddy all went to the park after conference. Tori went down the slide by herself. Brooke loved exploring and running wild!
OK...I know, this collage is a little random, but I didn't want this blog to be longer than it already is! Please note that Brooke is wearing short sleeves outside! There was one day that it was warm enough that we needed to put sunblock on little miss Brooke. It was gorgeous and we were outside for 5 hours! AMAZING! Then the one in the left bottom corner is so cute of Tori and Brookie hanging out with Grandpa. Do you see those delicious and humongous cinnamon rolls?! They are a recipe that is the Food Network Magazines best bet on how the Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls are made. I tried making them the first time and for some reason the dang flour didn't rise (I am guessing my yeast was bad), but I tried it again and TADAH...delicious cinnamon rolls. Mmmmm.

After the Dingers left, it was back to the regular ho hum of normalness. So to break it all up Tori and I planted some cherry tomato plants for our garden. She thought this was the coolest thing ever. I wasn't so sure if these little guys were ever going to bloom, but in our kitchen are six little cups of dirt with tomato starts in them! Awesome!

Brooke learned to say "Thank you" which sounds more like "Tank Q" but it is adorable. She says that every time she is given something or gives something to me. She also says "Yo elcome" for your welcome. These pictures are of her eating taco soup for lunch. She LOVES taco soup!
Brooke looked so cute in this dress that I had to get a photo session with her. But she was binky dependent, so with the binky it was. Look...I am in a photo! Too bad they are both blurry! It was mostly due to bad lighting. Can you see the stronghold that I had her in?! She barely stayed for both pictures. I cannot believe that she is already wearing this here to see Tori in it last March.

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Brooke said...

Your girls are so cute and so old! You are so good at documenting everything. That's so funny that Tori loves worms and bugs. Adison is terrified of worms. It's quite comical. Hope you guys are well. Congrats on another girl. I know that you were wanting a boy, but you guys sure do make darling girls!