Monday, March 29, 2010

Our weekend

First of all I lost 2 pounds!! Total=4. I was a little bad this week... I need to figure out some sweets that won't kill all of my points. I am thinking jello and pudding with cool whip! I also weaned little Brooke. I was supplementing all the time and I was just tired of the fact that I couldn't produce enough. Oh well.
I will tell the rest of the weekend with the pictures. :)

Ahhh! Isn't she so cute?! Well, I officially boxed up all of the 0-3 month clothes and pulled out the 3-6 month stuff! It's about time...she is almost 5 months! So cute, huh?! I bought this for Tori at the end of her wearing this size and it was too small for her after she wore it once. I think it was meant for Brookie! Looks great with her coloring.

Anyway, I had to get the girls all cute because we went to a game night at a friend's house (we are making friends!!!). We went and had treats and played Scotland Yard. It was fun! There were 6 adults and 6 little girls!

Tori had to wear her Elmo outfit. I hate the way they size these things. She got 2 outfits one in size 24 that fits her just right with some room to grow and then this little shirt is 36 months and barely fits. I think it might be because I put a shirt under it...modesty starts early! Anyway, Tori was a little scared this time with everyone at the game night, but she loves our friends' play room because it has a pretend kitchen! Anyway we had a lot of fun with both families!

Tori's "Easter Dress"! Thanks Grandma Frann for the dress and the Elmo outfits! You are the best!!!

Oh the blur! And a hug.

It is hard to get a picture of Tori...her hand is in the way, or I get this...CLASSIC!

Don't let the angel fool you! She turned 23 months! Only one more month as a 1 year old!

Ahhh! Brooke and me! She wore white. This dress is beautiful. Lora's sister in law, Katie gave it to me.If I ever have a bigger baby girl she will wear it to be blessed in!

I know...blurry! But look at Brooke's cute faces!

Here is a Brooke photo shoot! I did some in black and white to take away the blur...they turned out cute.

with a little color...oh what I could do with photoshop! (But that is way out of my budget!)

So yesterday I left the baby on her playmat and went about my business. I came back to find her about 5 feet away crying because she had rolled herself to the rocker and couldn't go anymore! Ha ha ha! I can't believe she already is rolling across the room! I think I am doomed to have a mover and a shaker way earlier than Tori was!

I don't know why, but I really like this picture! She is getting so big!


Lora said...

Where do I begin? The "classic" picture of Tori is just that "classic." I love the two year old tantrums! Baby Groan is so adorable. Her eyes are gigantic and blue! She looks like a doll in her Easter dress. Good job on her "photo shoot," the pics turned out well. :) Hey, and that is a great picture of you with Brookie. Nice job on losing four pounds that is fabulous!!!! I love you tons. Thanks for updating your blog so much. I am too lazy to keep up with you. ;)

Sawyers Family said...

Brooke's eyes are so BIG and so BLUE!
Sounds like a super fun weekend.

Jessica said...

She really does suit purple!!! I love it. Brooke really does have big eyes too. I love it!!! And Tori looks adorable in her Easter outfit. Nothing like Grandma spoiling her grandchildren!! I love when they do that!!! :)

Mo said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I started WW too and love it. I highly recommend Skinny Cow ice creams. They have a variety and they are all 2 points each. You can get a big box of them from Costco for like 10 bucks I think.