Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A New Calling and Our Backyard

So I got a new calling. I used to be the Activity Day Girls' Leader, and now I am the Young Women Secretary! I am so excited!!!! This is my first time ever in a YW calling and I am so lucky to be the secretary because I am not assigned to a specific group, I just get to go and hang out with whatever group or go where I am needed! And I get to go to Girl's Camp too and I already have babysitters! Thanks Gwen and Dennis (good ol' Grandma and Grandpa Dinger! I had to book them in never know about those travelers!)
I joined Weight Watchers on Saturday so get ready for hot Kendra soon to be appearing on the blog! :) I wanted to wait until I get the elliptical machine that I have been dying to get since we were married, but they had free registration so I went for it. Too bad I started on Saturday (the day when Marie sent me chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii!!!). So I started off the new program with 46 points on my first day! (I am only allowed 32!) Ha ha ha! Wish me luck and hopefully you will see a new healthy me soon!
Well, this week is a busy one. Monday I organized myself in my new calling and got everything I needed on my computer and such. Tuesday I had the Relief Society Birthday Dinner and service auction. I got a plate of Cinnamon Rolls and a knitted towel with my 170 tickets and my dinner and game night sold for 195 tickets! There were even a lot of bidders! I am so loved! Tonight I have Mutual for the first time. Tomorrow I have my last Activity Day Girls' Recognition Night and Saturday we have a ward Pasta Potluck! I think that the ward decided that it was a good week to get everything done!
Funny story: I was thinking that this would be a great weekend to go out in the backyard and get some yard work done. Then it snowed on Saturday! Crazy weather! It has been in the 50s and 60s since!!! I guess it was not to be! We also wanted to visit with some friends of mine, the Howells, but we just couldn't coordinate a time to get together! We have 2 kids and they have 2 and between naps and activities, we just couldn't get together. Our Saturday was so crazy that I didn't even get to my Costco run until today! So, sorry Emily and Danny! Maybe next time!
Well,on to the pictures! They are from one our new favorite pastimes: playing out in our backyard and patio.

This is how Brooke does the great outdoors: in her playpen with toys. It was still a little chilly, so she just spent an hour in the nice air, feeling the breeze and taking a snooze!

Miss Tori loved exploring the yard again. Now she isn't as afraid and walks a lot better on our not so level grass!

Sticks and leaves (she calls leaves "eves")

Oh...this is a left over pile of leaves from the fall... ha ha ha! She loved them!

Ahhh...the curly willow tree (Tori calls it a "ree"). It is where Bobby and Bob (Tori's pet squirrels) play. In the first picture she is trying to find Bob and in the second one she is pondering the joy of nature. She is so philosophical!

Looking up!

Jason likes this one because he says it looks like the tree is a hand holding her.

Chasing her new Sesame Street ball, yet another present from Grandma Frann's Target shopping spree!

And lazing around on the patio with sidewalk chalk! What a fun 2 hours! She only watched an hour of Sesame Street that whole day! (Oh...and when I write her name she listens and I say "T" and she says "O" and then she sometimes says "R" and then I say "I". So cute huh?) She also sings a new Sesame Street song. It goes "ah ah ah ah ah ah ah apple. buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, bubble." She is such a hoot!


Lora said...

What? Are you trying to make me jealous by mention of your backyard??? Oh, I can't wait to have a yard! Tori is too cute. YW's weight watchers, elliptical machine, is good. love you.

Lora said...

I just meant YW's (as in Young Women's) not YW's Weight Watchers.Just thought that I would clarify.

Rachel Holtkamp said...

Love it all! Miss you and Dinger and your adorable babies!

Mari said...

Good for you for going to girls camp! I am first counselor and my first thought was "I've got to nurse through the summer so I don't have to go to girls camp". Is that so bad? I am not a camper. At all. Unless it's just one night with Tyson.

Tiffany said...

Oh I am so excited for your new calling. You are going to be awesome! If they are lucky they will have you teach sometimes and can bask in your amazing teaching. Tori and Brooke are adorable. We miss you guys.

Jessica said...

Lora, you make me laugh! ha ha. Imagine a YWs weight watchers. he he he. I am jealous of your patio. I am grateful for my backyard but we don't do anything cause I don't want to sit on grass with spiders. YUCK. ha ha. I think your tree is so awesome. It really does look like a hand!

Cassidy said... did you get an elliptical? I have a BRAND new one that I will sell you for an awesome deal if not. We bought it the same week that I broke my toe/foot and now it really hurts me to use it. So anyway...let me know...super cute kiddies! Miss ya!