Monday, March 8, 2010

The Zoo!

We went to the zoo on Saturday. It was a beautiful morning (sunny and like 50*) so we thought we would take advantage of it! Tori loves animals and Brooke loves to be outside (like Jason and I) so we ventured out! Tori loves giraffes, but this one was a little cold, but we made her sit on it anyway! She was shivering when she got off!

Tori was very concerned about the geese in this picture. She wanted to get down and play with them, but they freaked her out at the same time!

Like the lazy hyena, Brooke lounged around the whole hour and a half that we were there!

Tori was very excited to see the Zebra!

Tender picture of Tori running with Daddy and little Brooke observing.

This is Bob (what Tori calls all squirrels). He was stealing the food from these poor Cavies.

Cavies look like rabbit, kangaroo, deers. They are strange, but Tori thought they were pretty cool!

We couldn't get cool pictures of the penguins, but Tori loved them too. Last time the exhibit was closed, so it was cool to see them! This is a picture of her outside with the play penguins. It was cool to watch them inside, because they were being fed!

The snow leopard. Tori said Leopard ("epard") for the first time upon seeing this one!

The giraffe slide...

Tori loved this one too!

The lion!

Elephants...and the tiger...

and the sleepy little girl!

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