Monday, March 8, 2010

All about Brooke

I cannot believe that baby Brooke is 4 months old today! Hurray! She is sleeping through the night on a regular basis for about 10- 12 hours without a single interruption! (From 8-9 PM until 7-8 AM!) I know that I am luck and have the best sleeping little girls in the world! She loves to eat, play and sleep. She is getting really strong and can roll over pretty quickly. She has tummy time for about a total of a minute a day because right when I set her down on her stomach she rolls over to her back. She also likes to play on her side and tries with all of her might to see the TV and sometimes succeeds! She loves to play on her playmat, in her bouncy chair, on a blanket on the floor and soon we will introduce her to the Bounceroo! She is also strong enough now to stand up (obviously with support) and look at her surroundings.What makes her laugh: being tickled,Daddy, Tori, and sneezing! She is fun to heva around and I am really grateful that she is out of the new newborn phase!

So cute! I don't put bows in her hair too often because they seem to fall off her head a lot easier than they did Tori's! This one stayed in for the pictures and then fell off while she slept in the car!

Playing on the floor. I train my kids early to love koalas just like me! Brooke smiles big time when we get this little guy out to play!

Acrobatic TV watching! Smiling in the bouncy.

Notice the scary looking turtle in the background. She smiles and coos at this little turtle like it's a human! She loves it so much that it already has matted fur on it's little paws from sucking on it so much! Thanks Grandma Frann!

Chilling at the park with Tori.

On our way to the park. This is the first time that she wore jeans so I had to document it! She loves to be outside and look at everything as long as the sun is not in her eyes! We went to the park 3 times last week!!!


Heather said...

Question: do you use a certain method for sleeping? i i used a modified version of babywise with james and he was sleeping like that around 4 months too...i'm curious how much of it i should attribute to babywise...

Kendra said...

No...I don't really use a method. She just does it by herself. I really like the book Healthy Sleep for a Healthy baby. I am not sure if that is the right name, but it talks about babies' natural sleep rhythms and such...if she wasn't a good sleeper I would be using his method (a cry it out method), but luckily she sleeps well!

Tiffany said...

to Heather: I loosely (if they want to eat at 2.5 hrs instead of 3 I'll feed them. I don't follow it to the exact letter) follow Babywise and my girls were sleeping through the night by 6 weeks. So as far as I'm concerned it works!
Kendra, I'm glad that baby is sleeping well for you! There's nothing more refreshing then waking up one morning and realizing your baby slept all night. And maybe try using Elmer's glue to hold Brooke's bow in. That's what I used and they never came out. Just rub out off with a wet cloth when you want to take the bow out. easy.