Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Park and the Blue Dress

Another week has flown by for the Dinger Clan. Can you believe that Tori is 22 months old! She is going to be a 2 year old soon and by some of the temper tantrums she throws, you would think that she has already passed that milestone! Most of them are caused by over tiredness when I cannot seem to get dinner on the table before her bedtime at 7...needless to say it is fun to be Tori's mom!
Yesterday we enjoyed the good weather and went to the park! I wanted to take her to this Park that is amazing about a mile from our house, but the sidewalk ended and it was traffic time, so I wound back through the neighborhood and went to the elementary school. Tori is getting so much braver on the jungle gym. She still is a little scared of the fact that you can see through the equipment (see pictures below...), but she still has a ton of fun! She also loves the slide. It takes her about 2 minutes to let go, but when it is over she is all smiles. The only bummer about the school is that it doesn't have swings, but it does have a climbing wall which I am sure that my nephew Oscar is going to love!
Oh and I made some hair bows...check them out! If you want some, tell me and I will make them for you! So fun and not too complicated! I want to have a little garage sale sometime and sell all the cute things I can make for little kids.Well, that's it...oh and enjoy the pictures!!

The cutest picture of Tori...she is getting to be such a big girl, although this BYU jacket is a size 12 months!

Tori stood at the end of this bridge for 2 minutes trying to figure out how to cross...and then with a little bit of help from me she did it!

This is why she doesn't like the jungle can see through. Tori contemplating if she should let go. I can't wait til Oscar and Livy teach her how to conquer the jungle gym!

Oh...look at the concentration. Tongue out. Please ignore the snot and yogurt on her face! Ha!!

I call this gizmo the gauntlet. You can balance across it, but Tori likes to swing on it. This is how Brooke rolls at the park. This is Lora's old double stroller! LOVE hand me downs!

Silly pictures of Tori in her bed. We still haven't switched to a toddler bed. We have one, but we are too lazy to go out and get the bolts for it. So until then she still sleeps in her crib (which also turns into a toddler bed, but we don't know where the other parts are...lost in the move? who knows?)
Who's Who?! Brooke and Tori


3, 4


It may be obvious by the hair bows (which I always glued to Tori's head) and the tights on little miss Brooke. Tori is 2 and 6. Brooke is 1, 3, 4 and 5.

Here are the bows! Cute huh?!


Lora said...

YES! Oscar will love that park. The park is the best place in the world, especially when they get to the age when you can let them roam free without having to "spot" them and make sure that they don't break bones, etc. Tori is getting so big.

Little Brookie is so cute. Her big blue eyes are beautiful. Hey, why did you give all of the answers at the end of your who's who? You should have posted the answers build suspense and such. ;) So, I got them all right.

And Yes, I would like lots of those hair bows for Liv! Love them. Love you.

Sawyers Family said...

Those hair bows are DANG cute! You were always so crafty like that! Your jewelery and your scrapbooks make me jealous and now so do the hair bows! Not fair!
Have you tried the corker bows? Those are fun and super easy. has a GREAT tutorial about how to make them...give it a try!

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...

I guessed right!! :) Very ADORABLE bows!

Cassidy said...

It's official...Cole and Tori are going to have the worlds smallest children. He is just as little as she is. :) So I got every answer to your quiz right. Oddly enough I don't think they look that much alike. Two super cute girlies! Hope all is well and I miss you!
Coley will be 2 on Monday!!!!! Crazy!