Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Easter Birthday! 3 Times Over!

HaPpY 3rd BiRtHdAy MiSs ToRi BuG!

First of all...I cannot believe that my baby is 3 years old! :) To me she was just born yesterday! Here are some cute little things about Tori...I mean you probably already know all of these things, but just in case...

10 CUTE things about Tori:

1-She is not only fun to be around, but she is funny! She makes me laugh all the time because of her cute little antics and funny little phrases (my favorite is when she randomly says "Holla").

2-She loves all things Princess...which also now includes Tinkerbell.

3-She is a dancer...if I could, I would have uploaded a video of her dancing the cutest dance, but I have issues with that as you all know. She has to pick the CD (and put it in the CD player...and press the play button by herself) and when the music is on so is her pink dance skirt. Then she outfits Brooke in her rainbow skirt and they dance the morning away!

4- She can SING. This girl can really hold a tune! She is going to be a great little singer. She sings all the Primary songs that she has learned and she knows just about every Disney and Wiggles song ever invented.

5-She loves to dress up and transforms into everything from a princess to a cowgirl.

6-She always gives hugs at the best know, when you are feeling down or when you least expect it!

7-She says the cutest little prayers! No one else in the family has given a prayer since December! She has to say every prayer. We thought that she would get tired of it, but she is still going strong!

8-She LOVES bugs! It is ridiculous...she almost ate a worm the other day because she wanted to be like Mr. & Mrs. Robin (the robins that live on the side of our house). Any day that it is in the least bit sunny you can see Tori hanging out in the dirt to find some Roly Poly bugs or on her stomach watching the ants.

9-She runs to the window every morning to wave good-bye to her daddy and knows the minute the garage opens and runs to the gate to greet him.

10-Last, but not least, the CUTEST thing about Tori is TORI! She is one beautiful girl. We still do not have a color for her eyes, so I guess we will just have to say that they are hazel. I think that her eyes are the first thing noticed by strangers and she gets many a compliment. She uses these eyes for good and for evil (mostly to get her own way). She is already a heart breaker... YIKES!

So if you already didn't see from our last blog (Spring!) my parents came to Meridian to celebrate Tori's birthday and Easter. Yep...Easter and Tori's birthday were on the same day. We decided to celebrate her birthday at Red Robin (probably one of Tori's favorite restaurants). As you can see she LOVED her Sundae. (Oh...and that picture of Brooke is of her playing Peek-a-Boo and it is too cute for words!). We thought that this would be a pretty fun way to celebrate before her Sunday Easter/Birthday celebration...little did we know that we had a surprise for us the next day.

Grandma & Grandpa Dinger came up! It was an amazing surprise! My parents and Jason's parents are besties. It was fun to see them talk and have fun together. I am really glad that Dennis and Gwen made the drive. So...Tori got to celebrate again at Olive Garden (another one of her favorite restaurants) which means another sundae! I love the Grandma sandwiches with Brookie and Tori in between. While we waited to be seated Tori made sure to kiss and hug every single tree. (That is definitely part of my Oregonian genes!)

The first night that the Dingers joined our crew we played Phase 10. This game lasted all weekend! Finally we set a time limit and Grandma Frann took us all down! Tori loved playing outside with everybody. Here they guys are playing a little "net less" badminton and a bit of keep away with Tori.

These are a little bit out of order, but that's alright...these are of the girls running like banshees in the backyard after the Easter egg hunt. We had to wear them out so they would take a good nap.

What a cute little family!

Tori finding all of her loot. She had a fun time searching for the eggs that Daddy and Grandpa Lee hid in the backyard. She found most of them, but we put all the M&Ms in a bowl so that they could share them in the end.

Brooke liked putting the eggs in the basket. She thought it was pretty funny that someone would hide eggs on the slide.

After the Easter Egg hunt we came back inside for some lunch and a movie. I tried to get a cute picture of Tori in her dress and this was the best that I could do. Tori loves to snuggle with Grandpa. I think Brooke is teething...she always has her finger in her mouth. and of course she has to get into mischief by climbing everything in sight...what a monkey!

After dinner (ham, peas, homemade rolls, and mashed potatoes) we celebrated Tori's 3rd birthday yet a 3rd time. This is the little cake she picked out. White with sprinkles. She liked opening all of her presents and cards (especially since all of her cards were sparkly). She got the Very Hungry Caterpillar stuffed animal and an art easel from Jason, Brookie and I. She got some little princess sandals, clothes and her favorite present...

a Tinkerbell outfit and Little Mermaid crown from Grandpa Lee & Grandma Frann. She was spoiled...but wait, she also got a card from Auntie Michelle and family. Yesterday we went to Target and she got the Tangled soundtrack and a little Tinkerbell toy. But there is still more to come from Auntie Lora & Auntie Marie. YIKES! Overall, she got a serious haul...but it won't be Easter on her birthday again until she is 82!


Alli Blue said...

Seriously cutest little girl ever! I am glad she had a great birthday! Loved all the pictures! Happy Birthday Princess Tori Bug!

A Mormon Mommy said...

So Cute!! And those dressed are adorable!! Happy Birthday, Miss Tori! you are one loved little girl!
And does Dinger baby #3 have a name yet? Jennie's a good one...or even Rose...I'll settle with a middle name! LOL (I bet you get comments like that ALL THE TIME!)

Collett Family said...

It is hard to believe she is already three! I bet she loved having Easter and her birthday in one celebration. What a fun party. Happy Birthday Tori!

Tiffany said...

Both sets of Grandparents, Easter, new toys! What a great weekend for Tori! And, Tori and Emily would be best friends--dressing up, princesses, singing, dancing, even the the random hugs. Emily does all of that all day. What cute girls. I think the girls and I will be coming up in June, so we can play. And we are moving to UT in the Fall so we'll be coming up to ID plenty. Yay! :)

Lora said...

I am so sad that I wasn't there! :( It looks like you had so much fun with Mom and Dad and "Gwennis." You have been showered with visitors lately, I am jealous.;) Little Tori looks absolutely beautiful in that last picture. They both looked too cute in their Easter dresses. I can't believe this blog has been up for a week and I am just now looking at it! Love you and can't wait to see you NEXT MONTH!!!!