Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Colored Eggs, the Zoo and the Duck Pond

This is part two of Grandma Frann & Grandpa Lee's visit. Monday night for Family Home Evening we colored eggs. It was Tori's first time, so she was pretty excited. Grandpa Lee was the head honcho in this "doing" and helped Tori manage not to dye her whole body strange colors!

Tori thought that this was an amazing endeavor. Her favorite part was plopping the egg in the dye and then reaching in to see what color it turned. She did use the little wire scoop a few times.

Brooke was just a spectator in this event. I didn't want her to get all dyed, but she loved playing with the eggs after they were all done. After egg dying Tori decided to place each egg in the carton with two kisses and a big squeeze. I have the cutest video of her little kissing antics. It is adorable! I love her Elmo and Abby eggs too (I bought these egg dying kits last year when they were only $.75 and we still have one for next year!)

Playing outside with Grandpa Lee. The girls loved running around the backyard with Grandpa Lee. Check out our beautiful tree in bloom! And did you see that I got a picture of Tori and Brooke hugging?! Miracle!

One day we went to the Zoo with Grandma Frann and Grandpa Lee. I was really excited to see a wallaby mama with a joey in her pouch! (you can see his little face and his hind leg hanging out of the pouch...the joey is 8 months old and the mama still carries him around...she would have been booted a long time ago!) Anyway, the exhibit is really cool because you get to go right in the yard with the wallabies in the open. They just jump around! The bird is a kookabura. We saw it and Tori immediately said "Mom, it's a kookabura like the Wiggles!" TENDER! I love the pictures of Tori and Grandpa Lee. Brooke also found her shadow!

We saw a lot of fun animals. Tori and Grandma and Grandpa fed the goats. The little red panda woke up from his nap to give us a little smile. Tori LOVES the prairie dogs. The tigers came right up to the window where Tori was at and she was beyond excited. The Sloth Bear was really animated too and looked at the camera. We even saw a turtle.

Look at the funny giraffe eating the grass off the ground! Tori thought that was hilarious! Brooke thought it was pretty fun to roam around and look at all the animals while my mom and I chased after her. She moves so fast! Brooke's interest in the animals lasted about a second and then it was off to the next thing. Her favorites were the monkies and the African Crane. We even saw goslings...adorable!

The giraffe slide...need I say more?! Tori would have stayed here all day if we had let her! Grandpa Lee even took Brooke down two times and, as you can see by the pictures, she LOVED it! Luckily there weren't too many people on the slide, so Tori went down it at least a half a dozen times!

My FAVORITE picture. Tori is actually looking at the camera and smiling! Mind you the second after she was screaming at the top of her lungs to get off of the elephant, but in the split second I took the picture...perfection!

All good things must come to an parents did have to go home (although I did want to keep them here for dad helped us with our garden and mowed our massive lawn). So on the way to the airport we stopped at the duck pond and fed the ducks, geese and swan. There weren't too many ducks there and most of the females were on their nests, but we tossed bread all the same. We even met up with a family of geese. They hissed us away, but their goslings were just too dang cute! I love the picture of my parents walking with Brooke in the trees. Well, until next time...we were glad you could BOTH come and visit us! Come again soon Grandma Frann and Grandpa Lee! We will see you in Oregon in a month!

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