Monday, May 23, 2011

Ice Cream Cones, Sunshine & Gardening

We have been enjoying the sporadic sunshine around here. Last week the weather went like this: Monday-Fair, Tuesday-Snow & Rain, Wednesday-Sun, Thursday-Sun & Rain, Friday-Stormy & Rain, Saturday-Warm & Fair. Did you see the word SNOW in there?! Yes...It is now the middle of May and there was snow and frost. I really feel sorry for all of the farmers who will end up having really late crops. I mean we have already lost three flats of Marigolds (that is 24 plants!) and our other plants do look a bit sketchy, but we still planted them...I really hope we still get our pepper plants! We decided to take our chances and plant our garden on Saturday. As for the rest of the are some pictures!

For Family Home Evening we had a lesson on temples and ice cream cones. This is Brooke's first ice cream cone! She thought it was pretty fun. I stopped taking pictures after a while and then she decided to attack the bottom of the cone. So she licked down to the cone and then ate the crunchy part of the cone. Oh and of course there are some lovely "cheese" pictures of Tori too.

On one of the sunny days the girls wore their play dresses outside. (Tori loves her rainbow dress and I LOVE this little blue and turquoise number Brooke is wearing. Livy, Tori and Brooke all wore this dress and it actually looked good on all 3 of them!) Tori always goes outside and finds herself a baton, you know for conducting music. She is still really into Little Einsteins. My favorite picture is definitely the one of them hugging. Tori is getting better with Brooke and sometimes comforts her when Brooke is sad by singing her songs. It's cute. The spontaneous hugs are my favorite.

CUTENESS...need I say more? Look at those blue eyes and curls!

Tori helped plant the garden on Saturday. I caught a few pictures. She hugged and kissed many of the seeds that went into the ground. She is a natural gardener and after a few examples, she planted two rows of onions and one row of bush peas. (And if you are wondering...yes, she does garden only in a shirt, underwear and her princess tennis shoes! :) )

And last but not least...these are pictures of my beautiful irises for my mom. She loves irises and I would probably bring you some in June like I did last year, but I am afraid that as I drive there solo they will just make a mess in the back of my car! :) Pictures last longer anyway!


Alli Blue said...

Those warm days are fun.....when we get them... :(

Sawyers Family said...

It's funny how different parts of the country start gardening at different times. We planted a garden with some friends a month ago! It's so warm and humid here already!
Love the pictures of your girls! Can't wait to see the next one!!

Stephanie Braithwaite said...

I can't believe how big the girls are getting! It doesn't seem like that long ago that we saw you guys, but I guess it was! :)