Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, not too much to report. I have been keeping myself busy with snot galore! The girls had a cold that lasted 2 weeks and there is still residual snotty noses, but at least we were able to take them to church yesterday!
I saw WICKED! I went to see the play Wicked with a whole bunch of ladies from my ward. I really lucked out with the ticket (Candace moved to California just a few weeks before the play) and I got an amazing seat right in the center and got to sit next to my lovely friend Alli (Thanks again Candace!). I forgot my camera, but if you want to see a blog about it, click here...there is a picture of me demolishing a cheesecake with Alli.
I have also been working on Tori's baby book...I know...I am a little behind, but I am glad that I waited because Shutterfly now has a photo book where I can do the layout and add stickers and such. I have also been reading. I think I will add the Goodreads widgit to my blog and you can keep up with my reading.
I really need you all to vote on which name we are going to name our little girl (please see poll to the left)...I think that it will come down to either Sarah or Katelyn. Her middle name will be Amelia, no matter what, but I think it will take a nice good look at her beautiful face to actually know her name. It is kind of driving Jason crazy, because we pray for her saying just "baby"(all the other kids we used their names), but I just cannot commit this time. Next time I go to the doctors I will get pictures of the pretty girl again. I can't wait! As for the rest, we will let the pictures do the talking.

I love these pictures of Tori in her Sunday dress, barefoot and playing in the dirt! Ha ha ha! She loves to find herself some Roly-Poly bugs!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! We celebrated by having a Cafe Rio lunch. Both of my girls LOVE black beans. Tori also loves Horchata. Jason actually took the whole day off and we got a lot of stuff done around the house. (That was one of my Mother's Day presents...a day with my whole family that was not a busy Saturday...MUCH needed!)

Tori received two birthday packages. One from Auntie Marie and one from Auntie Lora. Marie bought her the amazing Rapunzel dress and Lora bought the Rapunzel doll and Prince Eric. Tori was not a fan of the dress until she got her doll and realized that it was the exact same one as her Rapunzel toy, and then she was in it for most of the day! She danced, napped, watched Tangled, and played with Rapunzel ALL day long. Rapunzel has barely left her side since. One flaw, Rapunzel has 17" of hair...which really means it is one tangled(pun intended) mess all of the time! YIKES! Oh and Ariel called and she was jealous that Prince Eric was getting kisses from Princess Victoria and Rapunzel!

Playing with playdough. Meet Tori's family of worms. Mom, Dad, Grandma Frann, Grandpa Lee, Baby in Mommy's tummy (that is what she calls the baby within), Adam and Tiffany.

Brooke and her pigtails. Her hair gets curlier every day! gotta love the food messes she makes. The nasty ones is prune puree! Do you see her holding hands with Prince Eric! And I especially love the ones of her checking out her jelly shoes like..."Mom, I know they are shoes, but I can see right through them".

Here are some pictures from yesterday in their cute Sunday dresses Do you see that Brooke is already wearing Tori's Christmas dress?! Tori wore this dress just 5 months ago (click here)...mind you it was a little short, but really?! The dress Tori is wearing is her Birthday dress from Grandma Frann. I LOVE it and she looks so dang cute in it. Please refer to the bottom left picture. You may be wondering what that is? It is Tori hiding in the glass section of a TV stand. Ha ha ha.


Lora said...

Love those girls, they are beautiful. How dare you put a picture up of the consumption of cafe Rio. Don't you know how sensitive I am? How much I miss that divine food? You should pack one up in a cooler for me before you head on out to Oregon: Grilled Chicken Burrito, Enchilada style, Black beans, medium sauce (the green one). Thank you. :) I am not even half joking about that...... can't wait to see soon! Love you.

Sawyers Family said...

So I voted on the side...but I have one suggestion. Maybe you could spell her middle name with an E. Since you have Eden and Elizabeth her middle name should be "Emilia" I had a friend who's name was Amilia with an "E". Very for the first name, I love them both! Either way she's going to be beautiful and LOVED by her entire family!!

Alla said...

Such pretty girls!!

Mari said...

I LOVED wicked! We saw it when it came to portland. So fun! I'm glad you liked it.