Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Zoo Visit on a Monday?! (June 20th)

The day after we got back from Oregon Jason had the day off, so we took the munchkins to the zoo! They LOVED it! It was a beautiful day and we even stayed for lunch!

Brooke's favorite thing to do at the zoo is run around like a banshee. She was wearing some really cute sandals that she ran out of about a half a dozen times! She isn't quite into the animals yet, but she loves to climb on everything and go down the giraffe slide.

Tori, on the other hand, LOVES all of the animals and climbing on everything. This time we visited the new Pampa exhibit. It has a beautiful butterfly exhibit that we didn't pay to get into, but we will the next time. We could see all of the butterflies flying all over in their habitat and you can just walk around in the habitat. We did see a really big wolf fox (?) and anteater. Tori thought that was pretty cool. Tori was also very brave and actually pet and fed the goats. Tori and I also pet the hedgehog. It is quite an adorable creature. All in all we had a fabulous time!

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Lora said...

Oh my! That picture of you and Tori is so cute. Your girls are so beautiful and I miss them soooooo much! I especially miss that little Brooke's growl. Love those girls. I want to visit your zoo the next time we are there. I want to see those butterflies. :)