Monday, August 8, 2011

A 33rd Birthday, Chores & Other Random Things

HaPpY BiRtHdAy To mE!

I am officially 33! We actually celebrated on Saturday. We splurged and Jason and I went on a real date! We got a babysitter and saw Harry Potter (our babysitter actually cost more than our movie! and we probably paid her pretty cheaply too! YIKES!). The movie was better than I thought it would be and it was fun to see one more movie on the big screen and have a real date before we have baby #3. Later we took the kids to Tucanos and celebrated with a free dinner for me and the girls. We just had to pay for Jason's dinner and our desserts! Great deal when each dinner is $20!
Sunday (my actual birthday) was like any other Sunday, but with a little bit of funfetti cake and candles! Jason and Tori made me a cake and the girls LOVED singing and blowing the candles out with me! I love how Brooke looks like a ghost in most of the pictures! My birthday present was actually Wicked tickets, so I just got cards from Jason and the girls. Tori picked out a musical card that plays the song "Celebration". She loves to play the card and watch us dance (in fact I hear her opening it right now!) I have to write down Jason's cute card he gave is a tender poem...most of the time he gets me silly funny cards so this is extra special!
My Heart Belongs to You
Whether it's your birthday or just any ordinary so-luck-you're-in-my-life-day...
Whether we're laughing together or talking about our worries and frustrations...
Whether we're being moody or sensitive, maddening, or romantic...
The truth is, it doesn't matter what or when or how or why...
Every day, in every way-I love sharing life with you.
Isn't that so TENDER?! the kids...Brooke LOVES the computer, so I got a few pictures of her and her favorite toy. Anywhere we go (the library, Walmart, other people's houses, stores...etc.) she hones in on a computer and pretends to type. Today while I was talking to Lora on the phone she turned the direction of our laptop screen a different direction and opened 23 Word windows! I still have no idea how to change the direction of the screen!
Tori has been on a Dora & Diego kick (complete with Spanish words and is quite cute to hear her count and say words in Spanish!) so she likes to travel with a backpack everywhere. I got this one for her about a year ago at Goodwill for $.50. She has it packed with all kids of Princesses!

Monday, Monday.
Monday is always filled with chores and is usually spent at home all day (except for my non-stress tests for baby #3). So I thought I would take a few pictures of the girls helping me out with the chores.

Tori LOVES to help with laundry. Her jobs include: pouring in the soap, helping to load the clothes in the washer, loading the clothes in the dryer, and then putting the clothes from the dryer to the basket.
Brooke's job is to hand me the clothes from the basket. Clothes are all over the laundry room by the time she unloads the basket, but she has a lot of fun doing it!
They both love to sit on the washer once it starts because they like the vibration and they like to kick the washer to make it sound like a drum. And who doesn't like to play in an empty laundry basket?!

Oh how I really DO NOT like to put away (or wash) the dishes! Tori LOVES to put away the silverware, so that is her job. Brooke just likes to think of ways to get the dishes without me taking them away! Here she is contemplating the task ahead!

Another thing Tori LOVES to do is help make her lunch (and participate in any cooking or baking that she can). Today our menu was: Macaroni & Cheese with Chicken Nuggets. I love her macaroni & cheese grin! She pours, stirs, waits, stirs, then adds all the ingredients to make the sauce and stirs some more. Then she gets off the counter and picks bowls for herself and for Brooke. Mmmm.... and it was DELECTABLE!

A Work of Art

Well, I will end this magnificent post with the painting that I just finished for the girls' room! They are acrylic on canvas. I got the idea from a rug that we purchased for the girls' room a few months ago. It took me about 3 months to finish them (not necessarily because I worked on them every day), but I finally got them done! We have to redecorate their room because we are taking out all of the nursery stuff for the baby room. So I will post pictures of both rooms when they are all done.
That is all for now! Until next time!


Lora said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of the rooms all redone! Good job on the paintings they look awesome! Love the colors. Don't you love that your girls love doing chores? Oscar is not so much into it, even though I make him, but Livy LOVES doing just about any chore I give her. She loves spending time with her dear old mother. :) The girls are adorable as always, and I miss them like crazy. Can't wait to see what this new baby will be like--well, look like. All of your children come out angels. How did you work that out? ;) You look fabulous! I miss you tons and wish that I could have been there for your birthday. But, a Kindle is on its way for you so that we can have our own little sister book clubs. Don't you think we need a book club of our very own?? I think so!! Love you!

Majid Ali said...
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Mari said...

Happy birthday! And I love that art. So cute!

Alli Blue said...

What? You don't like creepy posts from people you don't know??? ;)

I am glad you had a good birthday! And that card was t.e.n.d.e.r. :)

I should be better about letting the kids help me with chores! ;/