Monday, August 1, 2011

What are we up to?

Well, July is finally gone and it is August! My FAVORITE month! I will be 33 in 6 days and baby girl #3 should be here soon...well, at least by August 23rd (here's for hoping that she is early!). The summer hasn't been all that is the regular prego stuff that is killing me (the horrid sleep, heartburn and the fact that sitting for longer than an hour kills my well padded butt!)!
Well, enough complaining and on to what you really care about...the girlies!
Tori and Brooke like each other more and more each day. Sometimes they even play together (GASP!) and it is really fun to watch. They both LOVE to play outside in our massive backyard. They are both old enough that I can just let them go out and have fun without me having to be out there to watch them all the time.
Tori is getting much more helpful and more stubborn. She has chores like putting away the silverware and cleaning her toy messes and at times she enjoys it, and then other is like pulling teeth.
Brooke is talking more and more each day (she parrots just about anything we ask her to say) and she just started saying "Tori"! Brooke is also pretend playing more. It is fun to see her imagination at work.
Anyway, on to the pictures!

These were taken last Sunday! Sooo cute in their Sunday dresses.

Tori LOVES Sunday...she loves to go to church and be with all of her friends in Nursery. Sometimes she cries when we have to go home! She is developing quite the sense of humor too... she is so FUN! (PS don't you just LOVE that picture with her hands under her chin...boredom? I'm not quite sure.)

Brooke loves to get into things that she shouldn't and quickly finds those things in any room. Although she likes to wear dresses on Sunday, she wishes that Nursery didn't exist. She is still in the mother clingy stage, which means there is no way that she will stay in that Nursery room by herself. It doesn't help that there are 12 (yes 12!) other kids in there with her below the age of 2 and only 2 Nursery leaders...oh and there will be more kids turning 18 months before the end of the year! is complete chaos! So it just means that Jason or I have to stay in there with her the whole time (or I just give up and take her with me to Young Women).
On Friday I made peanut butter bars and to Brooke's joy, Tori was sleeping so she got to lick BOTH of the frosting spoons! Pure JOY!

Here are some fun times...Jason built the girls a movie fort and they watched a show under the tent! And good ol' Cami kitty taking a snooze and a stroll in the play stroller.
I will try and take more was a pretty sad day that I only took a smattering of pictures from the 4th until now. I will try harder!

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Alli Blue said...

What is a picture of Brooke with necklaces??? So cute! I hear ya on the nursery issues! :)