Friday, November 18, 2011

DunnDinger November 2011 & Other Treasures!

The Dunns were here! :) Oh how the Dunns lift our spirits. Too bad they can't stay forever! Well, we had an exciting weekend that, as always, went by way too fast! The boys hung out together while Tiff and I got our crafting on! WOW! It is quite amazing how much we cannot get done with 4 kids... oh well, we definitely wouldn't subtract any of them, but we always try to stuff so many things into such a short amount of time that we never get to it all! you can see, I did actually managed to get a picture of the Dunns (all of them together) this time! Sure they were about to leave out the door, and Brooke wouldn't cooperate, but Katelyn and Ryah were wearing twinner outfits so we had to document! It was just coincidence that they had the same outfits! The girls LOVE Adam and there was lots of rough housing up in here! All good things have to come to an end though, and alas they returned to Utah! SIGH!

Here are some pictures of the Hooligans! Please note the LARGE bandage on Brooke's thumb! Tori was taking a bath while I was putting a roast in the crock pot while Jason was at a meeting. Brooke was playing in the bathroom and I hear this blood curdling scream. At first I thought that Tori had bitten Brooke (this happens occasionally), so I just kept on cutting veggies and screamed a scolding message to Tori....then Brooke (still crying like a lunatic) comes into the living room covered in blood! YIKES! Luckily I was wearing my red apron over my church clothes and I swept in for the rescue. I quickly called Jason... the conversation went like this: SCREAMING cries in the background; Kendra: "Jason, I need you to come home NOW!"; Jason: bewildered, "What's wrong?"; Kendra: trying to keep Brooke's gushing thumb in a towel so that it will stop bleeding while holing the phone in between her shoulder and ear very unsuccessfully, "Just get home NOW!".
Well, it turns out that Brooke got a hold of the razor that I shaved with from behind the shower curtain and shaved a large chunk of her thumb off! YIKES! There was blood everywhere and with the help of my amazing husband who came back from his meeting, we were able to get Tori out of the tub, everyone dressed for church, the roast into the crock pot, and I was able to thwart getting one blood stains anywhere on my body although I had to hold Brooke's finger for 30 minutes until it finally stopped bleeding enough for me to put a Band-aid on it! Shame on me for leaving the razor in the tub!
PS. Aren't those pictures with Brooke and Katelyn so TENDER!

We're in the HOOD now! Oh and hats! Tori loves her new winter hat and takes it out of the hall closet quite frequently to wear it. She also likes to use my coat as a robe and she pretends to be Mary. Once girls are getting bigger right before my eyes. SIGH!
Well, here is a little snip-it from Jason's journal...I LOVE how he writes about this cute little moment:
I have to share an experience that I had the other day. Most mornings my wake-up calls are as follows: the tune of “Where is Thumbkin?” playing from the girls’ alarm clock and ringing through the baby monitor in our room; the sound of Tori and Brooke shuffling their feet, turning on the light switch, and running through doors to make it to mine and Kendra’s bedroom; little voices calling “Wake up Dad!” while I ignore them in playful silence; followed by a THWAP! to the face from a little hand that somehow seems more like a giant bear paw clubbing its prey into oblivion.

Gratefully, that is not the experience that I wanted to share. Nope, this morning was a special morning. The routine was similar until it got to “Wake up Dad. I have a treasure for you!” This I had to see. So Tori took my finger in her little hand—not bear paw—and gently guided me into the living room. There she took me to a window and had me kneel down between her and Brooke. “Look,” she exclaimed, “it’s the moon!” She then sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” for me. In contrast to my paycheck (which I probably obsess and worry over more than I should) or any other monetary treasure trove someone could give me, Tori’s treasure for me that morning was priceless! Like I said, this morning was a special morning.



Lora said...

Sorry about your Sunday drama and little Brookie's thumb. Loved Jason's addition to the blog! Seriously, so sweet and well written. Thanks for sharing. Miss you guys. Terribly.xoxo

Alli Blue said...

Cutest post ever! So glad you got time with your bestie! TENDER! And that was sad about Brookie's finger! Womp!

You know what my treasure is in the morning? The fact that Nat and Taylor get Burke out of bed and take care of him so I can sleep. WITHOUT ASKING BY ME! It's rather delightful!

Joe and Mel said...

That just made my day! I can't think of a better way to start the morning, than to wake up with a "treasure" like that. What a sweetheart!