Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooky Halloween!

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!

We attended our ward's Trunk or Treat on Saturday! It was great and the chili was delicious...ok...I only ate the chili I bought, but I was very envious of the men huddled around the 30 pots of chili trying every kind. Jason was too... but when you have 3 girls (well, really we only had to look after Brooke & Tori because Katelyn is so easily pawed off on Young Women) and dinner to worry about, everything we want goes out the window.
The girls both wanted to be fairies. Tori was Tinker Bell and Brooke was a Wood Elf. Do you recognize her costume from Tori in 2009?! Katelyn was a little sister ballerina. I didn't get really good pictures of them in their costumes alone, but these will suffice. Jason was a Hawaiian tourist who fell in love with the Local (me!). Isn't his hat amazing? $1.67 at the party store!
Tori and I made Jack O Lantern pizzas last Friday. We also carved our pumpkin (finally!) yesterday... just in time for Trick or Treaters.
(I LOVE the picture of Brooke in the trunk of the car with Katelyn eating her candy.

On Halloween I let Brooke and Tori wear their Ballerina tutu dresses all day long. They were in heaven and were especially "dancy" all day long. For Trick or Treating, Tori decided that she wanted to be Rapunzel and Tori stayed a Ballerina. We didn't get good pictures of the girls on actual Halloween and none of them trick or treating that had good enough light and wasn't pixelated. (If you are reading this blog... Santa, I want a better camera!)
For FHE we took the kids around our neighborhood. They LOVED it...all except for the part that it was absolutely freezing outside. It is officially Fall here in Meridian, that is for sure. My favorite part of Trick or Treating was Brooke holding on to a pack of Peanut M&Ms for dear life, afraid that she would have to put it in her pail and never see it again! Ha ha ha! I think that we only hit about a dozen houses, but they got quite a haul. We gave the reject candy (the candy that our kids won't eat yet) to everyone who came to our door. Genius! I already spent $10 on candy for the trunk or treat and I wasn't about to spend more!

Here are some more fun pictures of the little munchkins. Starting at the top is little Katelyn in her Sunday dress. Then there is Brookie swimming in the bath tub. The two of the girls in the hall "sleeping"... they like to pretend to take naps. I wish that Tori would actually take one! then there is Tori's hand turkey. The picture of Tori at the lunch table is by request... she wanted me to take a picture of her milk mustache! Oh how I love my silly munchkin!


Alli Blue said...

Precious! As always!

Jessica Baird said...

So cute! I loved your wavy hair at the trunk or treat. I can see why Jason fell in love with the local, you're gorgeous girl! I love seeing the pictures of your girls. There is just something extra sweet about 3 of them! :)

Lora said...

So cute. I called the "Wood Elf" the "Garden Fairy." But, whatever. Nice pumpkin pizzas! I wish I could get away with just a dozen houses! We went until the kids filled up their pumpkin containers. Oscar liked to chat with people at the door, and one guy took a while to get to the door and Oscar said, "Hey what were you doing?" Oscar also asked some lady if she was 5'10" tall, he actually nailed it. I am just glad we escaped the night without any offense. Miss you guys!