Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where did October Go...The Catch Up Blog

Because this is a catch up blog I am just going to narrate the pictures! We had a lot of fun in October and before the Halloween Blog comes out I need to publish these photos.

It was one of those days...I needed to get out of the house (I had been in the house all week because of Brooke's nasty stomach flu) and so I took the kids and two loaves of bread to the duck pond! We went later in the afternoon and Jason met us there after work. Brooke never wants to get out of the car when we first get there, so I got a picture of her staring out the window, but she was all for the ducks once Daddy got there! Tori was practicing her modeling skills getting ready for her photo ops the next day when we took our family photos! I cannot wait for you all to see those!

Her is her royal cuteness. The little green outfit is from Auntie Lora! LOVE it! (If you have seen DragonTales, please reread that with a Weezy accent!)
These are the only pictures that I have taken of babes in the bathtub...she is sooo CUTE!
The cat loves to sneak in her bassinet to sleep with the baby... it freaks me out, so it doesn't last very long.
Tori also likes to share her toys with babes... hence the cabbage patch in the swing. Katelyn really liked the weight of the doll and took a nap with her. (That is one of my cabbage patch kids from when I was a kid.)

We took Katelyn to the doctors and she is 10 1/2 pounds (50%) and 22 1/2 inches (60%). This was the outfit she went in, because it was freezing that morning (literally)!

Tori is such a silly little girl. She likes to model and these pictures of her in the grey are of her as a monkey, a princess and a giraffe.
Gotta love Brookie Elf! That morning she was dancing and put on the elf hat and it was too cute to pass up!
Now that I am really outnumbered getting the kids in the car, Brookie likes to run off to what Tori calls Brookie's Garden. It is our front flower bed. I caught her in the act on the way home from the duck pond.

In the afternoon when Brooke is down there is usually a bit of time when the baby is asleep and I get to spend time with Tori alone. We decided to make some Halloween cookies last Monday for FHE. She stirred, she rolled, she cut and she baked. It is so fun to bake with Tori! Have I mentioned that she is getting so big? I LOVE the pictures with her and her pumpkin.

After dinner we frosted the cookies for FHE. Please note that I have one child with only and shirt and one child with only pants...together they make a great pair! Tori frosted her cookie with a glob of frosting and about 8 million sprinkles. Brooke liked frosting herself more than her cookie, but all of us Dingers LOVE sugar cookies! Yummy! I also had to get a few pictures with Brooke and the pumpkin.
Well, that is all for now... stay tuned for the Halloween post, coming to you soon.

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