Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Silly Little Girls!

I can see my girls growing before my eyes and I don't know if I like it so much! It just seems that everyday they learn something new or look just a little bit older or do something that is reserved just for a big girl. Time is flying to fast! Tori and Brooke are becoming more comical each and every day! It is so fun to play with them. I think that Brooke is going to be a class clown. Mind you, Tori is really funny too, but not as "showboat"-y as Brooke is. Brooke likes to be the center of attention...and feeds off of Tori's giggles (and our too!). She will do something funny and say, "Tori, Tori, nook, nook!" (nook=look). Then Tori will giggle at whatever Brooke is doing. She is quite hilarious!
Tori's quote of the week needs a little bit of some background information. I LOVE watching Biggest Loser 1. because it motivates me to be better (although most of the time I am sitting watching, and eating some kind of treat) 2. it reminds me that one day when I actually have time to work out like they do I will be the weight that I want to be...until then I will settle for working towards the goal of just getting better between pregnancies (which I am already back to my pre prego weight...not that that was all that big of a feat...I only gained 17 pounds!). Anyway...back to Tori's quote. Sometimes the girls are up while I watch this show because I am usually without Jason during this time because of Elder's Quorum visits...anyway, Tori asked what I was watching and then started playing while I did the dinner dishes. After a few minutes of playing she comes running to me and says, "Mom, you're the biggest loser." Of course I laughed out loud, but thought...should I take offense to that? Ha ha ha! I am still giggling inside!

The girls LOVE to horse around with Jason. I totally remember doing the leg hold with my dad! Brooke and Tori like to steal my glasses...and I caught Brooke in the act! The pictures of Tori in the striped shirt are Jason's attempt to get Tori to smile at the camera to make her a slideshow... there were about 15 pictures and these made the cut.
Brooke has been sick all week with some kind of bug that attacks the bowels (if you know what I mean)...luckily it has only attacked her, but we haven't really left the house since Saturday! I was a little overwhelmed on Monday because she was still vomitous and runny below... and right after Jason left (while I was feeding babes, mind you) she vomits all over the couch! YIKES! I hate vomit! So as the baby screams at the top of her lungs I clean up Brooke who then vomits again (all over her clean clothes) with more violence and volume...luckily that was the last sign of vomit! But I have survived my worst nightmare as a mother of 3 and I guess I can now conquer all!

Ok...that picture of Tori cracks me up! She is barely touching the baby and it looks like she is constipated! But Tori and Katelyn...priceless. The picture of me and Katelyn was taken by Tori. I tried to edit it to make it lighter, but it was too blurry, but I loved it because Katelyn is looking at me and smiling! LOVE it! And then there is the one of Tori holding Katelyn's hand. TENDER. Tori loves to hold her little hand and play with her hair.

Yesterday babes took a nap like this with her face smashed against the couch and her feet up on the Boppy. Too cute. I had to take a picture of her little tootsies! I took the picture of her little hand because she always seems to have her little thumb tucked behind her brother, Seth, used to sleep like that too when he was little. The other pictures are for all you Aunties...I bought this super cute shirt and pant set at Costco for $7! It says, "My Auntie loves me". TENDER...and oh so true!

These pictures of Katelyn were taken at my friend's baby shower. BEAUTIFUL! As you can tell by the quality they were neither taken by me or with my camera. We are going to be in trouble when our girls start to date! Watch out boys! We are defenders of virtue here!

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