Monday, October 10, 2011


I LOVE October! I LOVE fall! It is the end of all of the super hot weather and the beginning of holiday seasons...I don't know...there is just something about October.
(Please note that in some of the pictures Tori looks a little strange... she had a sty in her eye for three days last week... it has since disappeared, just in case you were wondering.)

When I took these pictures, Monday, it was a balmy 83* outside... the sun was shining and the girls went to play outside...

...with their laundry baskets (or should I say in their laundry baskets?!) Silly little girls.

The weather then took a turn...we went from air conditioning to heater in 24 hours! I had to take out all of our cold weather clothes and clean them all up so that the girls wouldn't freeze to death! We made cookies, played games, danced, sang and finally (I was desperate) and let them play in a diaper box.

Ahhh...look at them in their footie pajamas! Aren't they so cute?! Tori wanted to sleep with Katelyn...that lasted all of 5 minutes and she was done with that! ("Mom, baby Katelyn cries too much!")

and Miss Katelyn keeps on growing! I took a few pictures on white background so that you could see her ridiculously cute hair! she now likes to be in the bouncy chair, smiles all the time and giggled for the first time while my friend Alli was playing with her at church! It was A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.! Don't you just love that night cap she has on?! My friend Julie gave this little outfit to me and I LOVED the night cap! It reminds me of Ebeneezer Scrooge (don't ask me why)!

Sorry these are a little pixelated but these are a scan of these two photos taken by my dear friend Ursula. We are preparing for Young Women in Excellence with a pioneer theme and the two girls loved the bonnet that Ursula had. Ursula is like their adopted Grandmother Auntie. I was told not to use the "G" word! The girls LOVE her and Tori likes to sit with her during Sacrament meeting!
This is a little bit of journaling, so if you want to tune out just go to the end...and please leave a comment...I get bored here and my only outlet is to check my mail and blog to see who loves me! and the past couple of months...only 5 comments! Seriously!
"Guess What?!..."
A few weeks ago we were coming back from church and Tori said, "Guess What?!...Jesus and President Monson are coming to our house tomorrow. We giggled and said..."Well, we better get home and clean up before they get here!"
Then we explained to her that the next Sunday she would get to see President Monson on the television and that she would hear Jesus through his prophets. She got really excited and for the rest of the week her guess whats were about General Conference.
General Conference was a little bit here and a little bit there with 3 kids, but I love to feel the spirit of conference and hear 8 hours of pure revelation! My friend Jessica's father in law gave one of my favorite talks. I cannot wait to get the November Ensign!
I'll Take a Root Canal With That Crown!
I went to the Dentist last Tuesday to fix a crown and ended up getting a root canal too! What?! The whole procedure didn't hurt one bit, but jaw still hurts and tomorrow I am so lucky I get to go back and get the rest of the root canal finished! Who wants to spend $800 on a root canal and $1200 on a crown! I really want new clothes and a shower in my master bedroom to work more than I want to spend money on my dang teeth!
The Best of EFY
I went to the Best of EFY with our youth this last Saturday. It was amazing! I love to feel the spirit of the youth and hear talks by EFY speakers...there is just a special spirit there with the youth. I was really impressed by both of the speakers. The first speaker, Scott Anderson, talked about following the path and listening to the trail leaders as you go. That when we are on the path and have a trail leader they will not only get us to the end of the trail safely even through the hard times, but they will also show us the amazing things to behold along the way. He compared it to going through the rapids in the Grand Canyon with his friend who was a guide and you have some serious rapids to go through that will pummel you without a trained experienced guide. But the guide can keep you safe through the rapids and show you the secret beauties along the trail. He compared the guide to a prophets. It was amazing! Then he also talked about the story of the tree of life and the different ways Lehi, Nephi and others got to the tree. Lehi was lead to the tree by an angel; Nephi, Sariah and Sam were lead to the tree by Lehi (their prophet) calling them (this was all before the rod of iron and path are mentioned); and Laman and Lemuel were called but they didn't listen, so they were also shown the rod of iron and the path. Isn't that so amazing!? We are given so many tools to get back to our Father!
The second speaker, Curtis Jacobs, talked on chastity! Whoever selects that topic has to have a special spirit about them...and he was also amazing! He just laid it all out and told the youth what the boundaries are...favorite quote "Only dogs attract raw meat!" Ha ha ha! My favorite part was that he made sure that the youth knew that if they had crossed the line along the way, that if they truly repented they could be virtuous again. The spirit was amazing and I wish I could just have a copy of both of their talks to share with you...but I just wanted to remember these things.


Lora said...

Oh my gosh I miss your girls!!!! And you..... And Jason too. But, not your devil-cat. :-P Brookie looks so big and little Miss Katelyn is getting bigger....and I hate to say it but she is looking more and more like Jason, but with a little something different. Love her. Tell her to save me some smiles and giggles too! And, I think that you love October so much because it is the month that the very best person who ever graced your life was Hopefully, you got that. ;) October is quite fabulous. Sweater season----my favorite! Poor Tor, her eye looks awful! Did you go to the doctor about that??? Has it gone down?

Anyways, when I look at your blog it always reminds me that I am failing miserably at taking pictures of my children. Oh well.

Love you!!!!!! Thanks for the pics.

Jessica Baird said...

I love your blog and all the super cute pictures! Its fun to see how Katelyn is just part of the family now and part of movies and everything :) Three is definitely a handful, but so much fun too! Thanks for your recap of the EFY. You are amazing!