Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Linder Farms

On Saturday morning we took an early trek out to Linder Farms. If it wasn't for a small little detour (the fact that we totally went the opposite direction and were lost for about an hour!) we would have had a little bit longer time at the farm.

As you enter the farm there is a little hay maze for the little munchkins. Tori and Brooke ventured inside with a little convincing from me.They got cornered a bunch, but they finally made it out!

Next we visited the petting zoo. This was no ordinary petting zoo! There was a camel, a llama and a wallaby. There was also the usual stuff like pigs, goats and sheep. The girls thought that the animals were pretty awesome, but they weren't so keen on feeding them!

On we went to the pumpkin patch. We strolled little Katelyn out while Tori and Brooke roamed the fields trying to find the perfect pumpkin and I must admit that they did find a pretty perfect one. It was 5 pounds (my rule is they have to be able to carry out their pumpkin) and they decided to share it.

We played around for a little bit and enjoyed being outside and being together as a family. It was a beautiful autumn day... great weather for long sleeves and hoodies! We also watched the pumpkin launch...I don't know why it is so cool to see pumpkins explode, but it is!

At the end of our adventure we let the girls jump into a big box of corn kernels. Brooke was a little skeptical at first, but after a minute she dived in and they both had shoes full of corn when we were finished. (We should have followed the other smart parents who took off their kids' shoes!) Oh, did you notice that Tori's hair is up?! I think this is the first time she has worn her hair up in public since she was 2!
We knew it was time to leave when Katelyn made herself heard from inside the stroller. We will definitely be making Linder Farms a new family tradition!


Lora said...

Love the blog. That little picture of Brookie in the top right corner is a great picture. Good job. She is so cute, and getting SO big. That picture of you with the two girls in the hay is ADORABLE, and Tori clinging to you is utterly sweet. I love that girl. I think you know how much I love that girl. She is the sweetest thing I have ever met! And, kudos on getting her hair up, I was shocked! Livy was the same way, she hated it, and then all of the sudden I could do her hair again. Oh, and nice scruff Jason! Is he growing a beard? Actually, I like it, sarcasm. Love you guys all and miss you tons.

Alli Blue said...

I'm with Lora! I was shocked to see Tori's hair in a pony!! Wow!! I'm glad you made it out there! :)

Lesley said...

Wow, what a petting zoo! You have the cutest little family.