Monday, March 5, 2012

Once There Was a Snowman and Other Shenanigans

We got some snow last Thursday after I bought the girls some snow boots for $5 at Wal-Mart! So we put them to good use! Tori immediately went outside and made a snow angel! Brooke was not so much of a fan, but she looked dang cute in her hat and boots!Tori was in snow heaven!

We made a snowman and sang the snow man song...sadly Tori then proceeded to destroy the snowman. I guess that was his fate because although this is what it looked like at noon, by the time Jason got home it was all melted! This was Tori's very first snowman.

Katelyn, on the other hand, stayed inside all comfy cozy in her swing. She did not want to check out the snow quite yet. As for the shenanigans...well, they always abound in our house. (Did you check out Brooke's BLUE eyes! And have you noticed that Tori's eyes are the color of amber or honey...or as I call them: a nice shade of blonde!)

Well, little miss Katelyn tried her first taste of "real" food (rice cereal) on the first day of March. Her first reaction...gagging and dry heaving. She couldn't even keep down a tablespoon full! The next morning (pictured above in her red PJs) she devoured a whole half an ounce and by today she eats a whole 2 ounces of cereal. She even had her very first bottle with formula! (I told Jason that now that Katelyn can drink out of the bottle I will be free to leave him with the kids for LONG periods of time...he looked at me with a stressed out smile and said, "Right!" Ha ha ha!) She is such a doll! I think tonight she will be trying green beans...yummy-yummy!


Jessica said...

Awwww! They are soooo adorable!!! Giving me hope with girl #3! Hahahaha :) I just hope she's "mellow". It's amazing how fast they are growing up. Tell them to stop!!! :)

Heather said...

Your kids are just so cute. That's happy that Katelyn likes her solids! :)

Joy said...

Seems like yesterday that I bought the black boots (size 7) for Tori. But then I realized that has been at least one & one half years ago... boy does time fly. Always love to see the cute cute cute girls (and you and Jason too)!