Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here Comes the Sun...Spring Fever!

Well...Spring is here, which means there is a lot of playing outside here! YES! But Spring also means rain, so there is a lot of staying inside. So to fight our Spring Fever we do a LOT of playing! Tori LOVES to play on the computer and is on every afternoon while Brooke takes a nap. She is learning how to read and she loves to play the word games. As you can see from the pictures above, she also LOVES to pose for the camera. For fun, we take the camera out ans she poses and makes funny faces or does dance moves (I think that I am going to put her in a ballet class during the summer just for fun). Tori is "hiyarious" (she says most of her l's as y's). Her other pastimes include finding bugs and other creatures in the dirt (please refer the worm above) and cooking with me.
Brooke is our comedian. She is always trying to make something funnier than reality. I LOVE the spaghetti mustache. She really LOVES to walk around in my shoes and by the end of the day she has at least three pairs of my shoes in our living room. Brooke is also a future photographer...she will pick up anything and put it up to one of her eyes and says "Say cheese!" and make a clicking noise. Some of her fake cameras include cheese graters (as pictured above) and blocks. She LOVES to follow Tori around and tries to do everything Tori does. Her new favorite feat is to climb on her dresser and play with all her bows! What a monkey!

Can you believe that this little girl is 7 months old!? Boy how time flies! Katelyn likes to play in her jumpie, she can now roll from her back to her front (to her chagrin), she eats at the table in a highchair, takes three naps (please refer to the happy napper above) and has just taken on the swing outside (and LOVES it!). All in all...she is a happy camper...even though I believe that she is getting in two of her bottom teeth!

All in all...we are doing well, even though Spring Fever has hit...we are enjoying the good ol' life. We have been seeing a few rainbows, enjoying a few horseback rides, and taking it easy. Aren't my kids just the cutest!

Last night for FHE we planned our garden. Yippee!!! Tori cannot wait to get her hands in that dirt! I really hope that we actually get zucchini here this year!


Collett Family said...

I love the collages. Thanks for telling us about starfall! Courtney loves it too. Your girls are all growing up so fast.

Cherie said...

Your girls are way too adorable for their own good! They are full of personality :-D

I love your garden plan - It is going to be big!