Monday, April 9, 2012

DunnDinger Extravaganza Spring 2012

Well, the end of March brought some rain, so on rainy days it calls for some puzzles, dressing up and just being silly! Katelyn still loves to try new foods...she LOVES peas, sweet potatoes, and every fruit she has tried so far. She is really into the rice husks and little bitty rice cereal crackers.
DunnDinger Extravaganza Spring 2012!!!
The Dunns came up for a visit over Conference weekend. Needless to say, conference with 4 kids under 4 is highly impossible. I don't think that I was able to listen to one full talk without an interruption. This is the first year that it has been so crazy, but it was FUN to have the Dunns come and visit! I made some of my magnificent cinnamon rolls! Mmmmm! The girls kept each other busy, and I think that Ryah and Brooke were plotting to take over the universe, but it was great to see all of them play together. We cannot call Ryah, baby Ryah anymore...she is quite the toddler. So this is going to be an extra LONG blog because when the Dunns are here we try to pack as much stuff into a weekend so that our Dunn tank is full until the next time we see them!
The Park!
Between sessions on Saturday we took the munchkin to the park to glean as much as we could out of the sunshine. We hit the park just in time too because soon after we got home the storm clouds came rolling in! This was Katelyn's first time at the park and she had a blast! She loved the sunshine and the swings. Tori is now not afraid of anything ans had a fun time playing with all the kids on the big jungle gym. Brooke was all over you see the absolute glee on her face?! It was a blast! The girls all rode on the fun whirly-gig...they were a bit dizzy when they were all through! While the boys went to the Priesthood session, Tiffany and I ventured out to Walmart with all 4 kids. It went pretty well...we actually got a lot of pictures at Walmart because Tori stole Tiff's phone and took pictures of the most random things!
Egg Dying!
Sunday we dyed eggs after Conference. Jason was extremely nervous, but all in all, it went pretty well...just a few dyed fingers! This was Ryah's first egg dying fiesta...she had a lot of fun. Tori was pretty much a pro except for the fact that she wanted to plunk the egg into the dye which created quite a mess, but she still kissed all the eggs before we put them into the fridge (just like last year!)
What? I am in a picture!?

Zoo Time!
Quite possibly the cutest baby in the universe!

Jason took Monday off and we took the kids to the Zoo! It was Ryah's and Katelyn's first trip to the zoo. They loved to see all of the animals and it was a beautiful morning! Although there are no pictures (the viewing area was crowded with an elementary school field trip), we got to watch the lions eat! They put this box filled with long tubes that contain meat in them right in front of the viewing window, and the lionesses played with all of the tubes and with each other right in front of us! It was awesome! Of course I LOVE the wallaby exhibit. Tori loved the giraffe. Brooke & Ryah just loved running around like banshees!
Favorite exhibits: penguins and the prairie dogs! Make these pictures big and look at their faces in the prairie dog domes! Hilarious!

Although the tigers were sleeping (just like Katelyn) the girls struck a pose on the tiger seat.
The famous Giraffe Slide!  

Flatbread Pizza!
With all that walking, we needed to fill our tank with some delicious pizza from Flatbread Community Oven! Yummy!!! The girls made their own pizzas and I devoured some of their scrumptious macaroni and cheese & a mini pizza bianco magnifico that has onions, fresh mozzarella, chicken, prosciutto, and it is drizzled in balsamic vinegar (if your mouth is not watering you are insane!). If people in the Boise area have not been to this restraunt...GO!
The Egg Hunt!
When we were living in Orem, we would always have Family Home Evening with the Dunns. So when they come we have amazing FHEs with awesome activities. This year they visited close to Easter, so we did an Easter themed FHE complete with a cartoon from Living Scriptures on the Resurrection. Then we had an Easter egg hunt! This was Ryah's first hunt, and boy was she ready! Although she had more fun taking her eggs out of the basket and putting them on the swing!
Brooke found a stash!
And I guess if you can have a winner, Tori took the egg! She found more than her share of eggs, but she gratefully shared with the other little girls.
All things must come to an was hard to see the Dunns go, but this time we will see them in just two more weeks! See you soon and we miss you already!

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Lora said...

Holy Blog! That was a doozie! The girls are adorable as always. That picture of Katelyn in the butterfly hat is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. I see Livy in her. Especially seeing her from the side, and when she has a hat on. Is it the eyes?????? Looks like you had a ton of fun with the Dunns. I can't wait to see your girlies and take loads of pictures of them! Love you. See you next week! YAAAAAAAAAy!