Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Easter One!

The Easter Bunny made it to our house, although there was a sad moment for me in the whole scheme of things. Brooke accidentally found the stash of Easter candy that I had been taking care of for the Easter Bunny.  One day I was wondering where Brooke was...she was being so silent. I walked down the hall and found her in my bedroom. To my HORROR her face was covered in chocolate goo...she was eating my one and only Cadbury creme egg (I was trying to be good this year and not eat a dozen! so I only asked the Easter Bunny for one!) Well...I did get a piece that she couldn't get out of the much for savoring it! Ha ha ha! But don't worry the Easter Bunny still left me a baby Lindt bunny and Cadbury mini-eggs. Do you see Jason's ginormous Reese's egg (that Katelyn wanted to steal!)?! He almost ate it all in one sitting except for the fact that it was like almost 900 calories and that bothered him! Ha ha ha! The girls enjoyed a little pre-breakfast candy and then I took their stash and put it in the candy bowl. I know...I am mean, but someone has to control sugar intake!
 The Easter Photo Shoot
Tori...she is getting so big. This year I let her pick out her dress at Carter's. I thought that she did a great was like torture for her not to wear it for 3 weeks! I LOVE her shoes (I found them at Walmart). Please note the mischievous grin in the upper left corner. and I LOVE the swing picture on the top reminds me of a model photo shoot!

Brooke...although she didn't want me to take her photo she sure hammed it up! She is such a goof ball. She wouldn't let me take a picture with her and all of the girls, so that is that. She is two, so I am lucky I got these shots! Brooke also picked this dress out for herself and calls it her princess dress (complete with silver sparkly shoes...that, against my will, I let her pick out...they left sparkles all over the pews at church!). a doll. We didn't take these pictures until after a few naps, but she is still the star of the show. She didn't get a new dress, but I thought that this one matched so well. Lets be serious...she doesn't really need a new dress (she has like 10 in her closet and only wears them on Sunday!). Although she wasn't really into the whole "Easter" thing, she LOVED playing on a blanket in the shade of our backyard!

Sisters! Tenderness!

Family...these turned out pretty well even though there were a few meltdowns from the oldest in the process. As you can see there are no pictures of me in my Easter finest, but that is ok...and Brooke wouldn't humor me either with a picture. Please find the picture of Tori's devilish smile and giggle! Hilarious!
Simple yet amazing! And all the better that my friend Alli brought me rolls! You rock Alli Blue! That is how we celebrated Easter! We missed all of our family, but I am grateful to Jesus Christ that we will be together forever through His sacrifice. We remember Him!

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