Monday, April 23, 2012

April...I LOVE Spring!

April means SPRING! All of my flowers are blooming...I have daffodils, tulips and nameless other purple and pink flowers springing all over my front flower bed (we will see how long they will last...Tori keeps on picking them). Our trees and lilac bushes are blossoming...we can have picnics under the trees in the shade. SIGH! It is AMAZING!

Tori is a blast! She is getting bigger by the minute. She has turned into quite the mama's helper. She feeds Katelyn (I am not sure how much of the food actually gets into her mouth!) and she has even tried to cut her own hair! Luckily it wasn't too bad! She lifted up the front of her bangs and only cut off the underside!

Here are a few of the lost files of Easter. I took some of these pictures on my little camera and got frustrated because the colors were coming out way bad because of the stinking florescent lights! Brooke did the Super Why puzzle with me. She is not quite the fan of puzzles as Tori was, but she worked hard! She LOVED the picnic that we had outside (as you can tell by the HUMONGOUS smile!

And Katelyn...she is 8 months today! She is sporting her pink Adidas soccer outfit and her little pink corduroy high tops! ADORABLE...need I say more!? Katelyn got this cute little outfit in the hospital when she was born from Ursula Tingey...her adopted grandmother, I mean Auntie. The pants are supposed to fit a 0-3 month old, but they now finally fit Baby K's waist (sure they are a little high water...K is quite tall!) and the jacket is 6-9 months...and a little long, but all in all she is a DOLL! Thanks Auntie Ursula!

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Alli Blue said... ain't got the only flowers Tori's picking! jk.....

Love the big lips on her! And Brooke is darling coloring! And we all know how I feel about the track suit from Granny Urs. I.....mean.......auntie!