Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Giggles, Sitting, Bubbles, and Blabbing

Yesterday Tori went into this massive giggle fit while I was changing her diaper. I was making sounds with my tongue and mouth and she thought it was hilarious! I thought about getting a video, but it takes to much time to upload because our file is huge and (I found out it costs more money too from the overage charges we got on the Internet bill...and there is still no movie to show for it!) So I took some pictures...they are blurry because she moves a ton and I couldn't get her to be still and giggle, but they are cute all the same. (PS I have been waiting for a long time for Tori to wear this super cute hoodie!)

She is now officially a sitter (she also rolls allover the place and scoots on the floor on her stomach and back). She loves to sit on the floor and when she sits she is still wobbly, hence the extremely blurry picture, but still, dang cute! If you look really close at the 1st picture you will see that she is blowing bubbles. It is one of her new tricks. She also has started babbling...her favorite sounds are ba, ma, da, la and mu. Its adorable!


byuredhead4 said...

How precious! There is nothing better than a baby's laugh.

Hey, my mother-in-law is doing a shower the Saturday of Thanksgiving...I don't know if you'll be in town or not, but I wanted to let you know! (probably in the evening)

Hope all is well!

Tober Family said...

The hoodie is super cute!! She is a cute little girl. Laughing is the best when you get them really going, you can't help but laugh yourself!

Love it!!

Laura said...

She gets cuter all the time! I bet her giggle is so adorable!