Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Day

We went to the Dunn's for Halloween. They actually live in Spanish Fork, and we were hoping for real Trick or Treat foot traffic. I think that there was a half a dozen trick or treaters...we were sad, but we ate the candy!

We had dinner, Mummy Dogs and homemade chili...this isn't a picture of my actual product, but this is what they looked like. Soooo cute! I think if you click on the picture it will take you to the recipe.

What would be a blog entry without cute pics of Tori? This is her Halloween outfit. It says Daddy's Little Devil.

She always reaches for the camera cute!

I love the one with Tori and Cami, but it is a bit blurry. :(
She had an owl hat too... compliments of Grandma Frann.

She is waving hi...she is such a Gerber baby!


Tober Family said...

Such a cute little girl. Wait till you're out trick-or-treating with them, so fun! I checked out Lora's blog as well, I hope she doesn't mind. I love your family and it's so good to see them.


Jessica said...

You always have the cutest pictures of Tori! Glad you had a fun Halloween. And consider yourself lucky with 6 trick-or-treaters! ha ha. I know a girl who said only one came and the only reason was because the kid was in her primary class. Kinda funny!

Sawyers Family said...

she is so cute!! and I just love Jason's costume!